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Star Wars Challenge: The Last Week

So, why do I love Star Wars?

Well, I have written much about Star Wars already, but here are the...

Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Star Wars

10.  The Music.

Gosh, who doesn't love a good fantasy story, full of good guys and bad guys, complete with beautiful women and strong men who act like heroes?  And then add in a fantastic, engaging music score and you have some incredible candy for the senses.  The music of Star Wars is iconic, to say the least.  Written by a genius, performed by highly skilled musicians and played over and over in my vehicle, for sure.  Love it!

9.  Lightsabers.  

YES!!  Vzzzzzmmmmmmmm!  I'd love to be trained to use a real lightsaber, but even I have to admit that I'd probably lose a limb somewhere along the way.  What a cool weapon...the coolest, to be sure.  What a rush to watch a emotion-charged lightsaber duel with all the finesse of fencing and the killing potential of an oozy.

8.  Expanded Universe

Oh yeah!  Late night reading fodder, for sure.  I&…

To Share or not to Share

I have been oft criticized, even downright belittled, for blogging about trauma/drama concerning various situations in my recent past.  For whatever reason, some considered sharing my experience through the written word inappropriate, embarrassing, even slanderous.  I have even been told that I need to know that 'life is not a blog', whatever that means.  I respectfully disagree and always have...and will continue to do so.  (As always, they have a right to their opinion.)

My best friend found this article that had some interesting things to say about the matter.  Perhaps you will find it interesting, as well.

I diligently make every effort to blog with integrity, and have vowed to do so.  I will never use names, events or the pain of others to mock, belittle or hurt for the sake of 'blog fodder'.  However, I will continue to state my opinions, doctrinal stands and outright finger-pointing at injustice with the intent to uphold righteousness and call others, and myself…

Salvation Comes

What if everything that happened was for a distinct and directed purpose?

What if that intense pain, that bleeding heartbreak, those words that cut like a knife were meant to strengthen, empower and embolden?  Is that possible?

What if the very situation that is the pinnacle of hurt, the thing you most dislike speaking about, the most degrading and humiliating position you have found yourself, was the very thing that gave you the ability, wisdom and words to help someone else?

What if the unspeakable, unimaginable turn of events that made your life absolutely miserable was the only experience that could help another soul that had walked the same path?

Hard to think about, isn't it?

If I believe that the LORD is in control of everything, that He is truly sovereign in all things, then I have to affirm that the very thing that I begged to be taken from me was allowed and purposed for good. For if I had not been judged unjustly, my character assassinated mercilessly, my name slandered…

Grateful Friday

Gosh, it's so quiet in my house...odd. Perhaps the fog is making it more insulated or something. This morning I'm waking up with a new attitude, new outlook, new future...I'm so, so very grateful.

I'm grateful for days at home where I can get myself organized.

I'm grateful for morning greetings from grateful, hungry people.  ( I was blessed again to be able to help with serving a hot breakfast to the homeless in downtown Tacoma.  It is an honor.)

I'm grateful to meet new people and learn new things.  I'm also grateful for hooking up with old friends through social media.

I'm grateful for passionate debates, heartfelt conversations and loving hugs.

I'm grateful to wake up from unpleasant dreams.

I'm grateful that my children are happy and healthy and that they, too, are looking toward a bright future.

I'm grateful my boyz are excited about the upcoming hunting season.

I'm grateful for a new day.

I'm grateful for happy hour provided…


It's a great big world to a scared little girl. If you smile just right  no one knows you might have a heart full of pain and a soul that can't reign and a stomach full of butterflies...

The pain of the last season of my life has been intense.
Beyond measure, beyond understanding.
But, even so,
I still breathe.

I'm alive and not without hope.
As I begin a new day,
I put the pain in a clean, new box
and close the lid.
Destined to be a collector of dust,
I slide it up onto a high shelf.
Turn out the light and close the closet door...
it is time.
I turn my back and walk into the light.
The light of that new day
full of possibilities and hope.
Of love and promise...
and friendship.

And perhaps someday
you will say you didn't mean it.

Say you didn't mean to Say I wouldn't understand But it's time you say something G-d knows it's the one thing I need And the heart you broke, No it wasn't just anybody's heart

This Jedi Reviews Cowboys & Aliens

OK, this was a fun movie!

I first discovered Daniel Craig, (who plays the main character Jake Lonergan in this movie), in the latest James Bond offering.  My hubby was 'watching' it on television; unfortunately, he falls asleep far before the plot of any movie is even revealed.  When I eventually come into the room, I end up getting sucked into whatever is playing...usually some shoot 'em up or disgusting horror flick.  But this time is was Daniel Craig, who plays an incredible Bond, by the way.  Who is this guy, and where did he come from??  Why had I never seen him before?

(When I mentioned him to my husband, he said, "oh yeah, isn't that the guy who never smiles?"  Yeah, that's him. *chuckle*)

This movie had it all...well, except Obi-Wan, that is.  The hero of the story is exceptional, exactly what you'd want a hero to be like.  Talk about kickin' some butt!  Harrison Ford is such a jerk in this movie (kinda like in real life, eh?), but he event…

Star Wars Challenge: Week 29

Best Star Wars related story/incident you’ve had.

Oh gosh...what to share for this one?

Trooping as Jedi for several years now has provided many stories of talking to little ones about being guardians and protectors of justice and others - I like that the best, for sure.  Or walking through a crowded place and hearing whispers behind you, "Jedi...Jedi...did you see the Jedi?"  I enjoy that, too.

I enjoyed visiting the Presidio and posing with the Yoda statue on our last road trip.  That was way-cool.  Then, as we were walking around in the beautiful San Fran sunshine, enjoying the grounds of the Lucasfilm headquarters, we overheard two Lucasfilm writers discussing Force users and related issues.  It was a geek moment, for sure!  They were just on a smoke break, discussing things like it was a normal occurrence...well, it was for them!

But, the biggest thing that happened to me related to Star Wars had to do with my former congregation, although it definitely isn't the…

"Unless You Repent..."

I have always been taught that repentance is a gift from the hand of a ever-loving G-d.  I have heard it often said that "repentance is a gift of G-d, not something manufactured by the heart of sinful man."  Acts 5:31 and Romans 2:4 are cited as supporting Scripture to substantiate this statement.  However, I would like to suggest a different perspective.

First, let's look at the verses used to uphold this view, starting with the text from the book of Acts.
G-d has exalted this man at his right hand as Ruler and Savior, in order to enable (give) Israel to do t'shuvah (repentance) and have her sins forgiven.  (Acts 5:31, Complete Jewish Bible)The words 'in order to enable', or 'give' in other translations, could be interpreted that the LORD is giving it as a gift, as if sinful man has no way to repent otherwise.  However, on a closer look, I believe that in this passage Peter and the apostles are saying that because the Messiah is exalted at G-d's …

Grateful Friday

Praise the LORD we got home safely from our jaunt over the mountains.

Praise the LORD that my internet was easy to fix.

Praise the LORD for sunshine and summer days,
for digital cameras and funny conversations, and
for phone calls and trail mix to occupy ourselves in construction slowdowns.

For music and audiobooks (even if they are bad),
for Starbucks instant coffee and microwaves that barely work.

For English-speaking hotel employees and friendly bikers,
and for fast carry-out service at the Mexican restaurant.

I'm so thankful for time away and for more memories.

Quote of the trip:
Lisa: "I'll take care of the ear-buds, you focus on pushing the buttons..."
Liz: "No worries, I seem to be good at that, actually."

I'm grateful for lunch out with my bestie.

I'm grateful for tissues that magically appear when the tears do.

I'm grateful for comfy pants, tank tops and going barefoot.

I'm grateful for wi-fi at Starbucks.  (What a wonderful place…

A Broken Cup

A broken cup.  Unusable by all logical reasoning.
Once beheld as beautiful, whole and waiting to be filled, it met with trouble unforeseen, leaving it in a shamble. Used, abused and discarded like so much trash; the cup was left to lie useless and disrespected.
However, shards of brokenness were not forgotten by the Master, who took the scattered pieces and fit them back together, painstakingly matching the pattern and form; admiring and remembering how He created the cup for His purposes from the beginning.
He reassembles all the brokenness, all the shattered pieces that resulted from a life of ugliness, hurt and pain. Then He adds something more.
He carefully applies glistening gold as seams, highlighting the breaks as if treasured trophies, smoothing over the pain of heartache and mending what was thought to be unuseable.
He creates, once again, something new;  something better,  something stronger,  something wiser and more valuable...
And yes, even more beautiful than it was before.
Oh yes…

Homeward Bound

Well, we are not quite home yet. Enjoying the free wi-fi at the Ellensburg Starbucks is a good thing...especially when I got news from home that our internet is not functional at the moment. Unfortunately, I'm afraid that the modem finally gave it up. Welcome home, eh?

So...we traveled some serious miles today. From Kamiah (Idaho) to Kooskia and Grangeville, into Lewiston, then up the 'famous' Lewiston Grade. Next was Uniontown (Washington) and Colton, then onto Colfax and Dusty and a lovely place I didn't even notice called Washtucnah.  Ritzville was next, then we stopped at the Dairy Queen  in Moses Lake for the required Peanut Buster Parfait.  And that brings us to now, as I sit in Ellensburg. Hey, how 'bout that for a tour? We should be at about 450 miles when we roll into the driveway in Puyallup...not counting the mileage for Padawan traveling from Puyallup to home in Tahuya!

It was a lovely scenic drive; from the curving road between rugged rock cliff…

Star Wars Challenge: Week 28

Favorite quote from the Dark Lord himself, eh?  Hmmmm....

"I don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating, and it gets everywhere."

"Impressive... most impressive."

"I find your lack of faith disturbing."

And then, I like this interchange about Anakin:

Former Jedi Padawan Ferus Olin: "Why did he do it?"

Obi-Wan Kenobi, after his exile: "I have my theories, We can't know for certain. I believe Palpatine has been manipulating him for some time. Slowly. Planting seeds. That's the way the Sith operate. And Anakin himself... To have so many gifts, to be the Chosen One... to be so afraid of loss... And to have me as a Master. In the end, there were things between us I hadn't even realized were there. I don't have the answer to why he turned. I can only ask myself that question, over and over again."

Last Day in Spokaloo

Today we were on a mission to find the cemetery marker of Lisa's grandparents - mission accomplished!  And, in the process found some really interesting things to photograph.

Sadly, we were about three decades too late in finding the old train locomotive that was driven by Lisa's grandfather.  It used to be on display at the beautiful Highbridge Park, but it was removed due to vandalism and theft. Too bad. I did, however, get to talk to three friendly gentlemen who were very knowledgeable about the park and the train - thanks, guys!

Then, it was southbound to Kamiah, Idaho to visit Lisa's mom.  And a lovely visit we had!  No pics, though...sorry.  We are now safely ensconced in a wonderful hotel room with all the amenities (highly recommend the Clearwater 12 Motel in Kamiah), including full signal internet.  I've never seen full signal - ALL the bars - on my little netbook before!  Will wonders never cease?

Miles traveled: 182
bad meals eaten:  2
coffee spilled while d…

Hangin' in Spokane

What a gloriously sunny day in Spokaloo! It was con-day today, so we got ourselves suited up appropriately and headed to SpoCon. Unfortunately, this particular con isn't quite what it should be, so we took a little break for a side C'oeur d'Alene! We were on the hunt for great places to take pics; we ended up on Lake C'oeur d'Alene - how absolutely beautiful!

Then, it was back to the con to meet up with some friends...what??  Your friends don't look quite like this?  Hmmm....

It was lovely to enjoy the warm temperatures, lovely sunshine and good friends.  Tomorrow, we are back on the road heading down to Kamiah, Idaho to visit Lisa's beloved mum.

Shavuah tov, my friends!

On the road to Spokane!

Hey, it seems like forever since we got to travel!!  We are now enjoying air conditioning and the strains of T-Ville in our room.  Alright, so it's not the Ritz, but it has AWESOME internet access!

Miles traveled:  about 300.37 (not counting the detour for contruction)
hours debriefing:  I'm guessin' about two
parashah studied:  1 + notes
broken down barns spotted:  about 4 that I noticed
Porche sportcars drooled over: 3 for sure
pictures forfeited:  the shot of Mary Queen of Heaven Catholic Church
Spokane weather:  86 degrees and gloriously sunny!

Gosh, it's nice to get out of town!!

Grateful Friday

I'm grateful for our time at the beach this week...real relaxing time.

When things are swirling around you, chaos and grief, it is next to impossible to relax. I can say that I am grateful to my very core than I was able to fully relax finally, as we strolled the beach and sat and had a wonderful visit with my Dad and Connie.

I'm grateful for warm sand and water to splash my feet in.

I'm grateful for itty-bitty rocks that look like watermelon seeds.

I'm grateful for my best friend.

I'm grateful for a wonderful hug from my Daddy.

I'm grateful for yummy hummus and flatbread leftovers.

I'm grateful for the wind in my hair and seagulls floating in the sky.

I'm grateful for the sound of crashing waves and far-off buoy bells.

I'm so very grateful that we were able to meet to lament the destruction of the Temple on Tisha b'Av...and that the LORD met us there.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to serve and facilitate service.

I'm grateful f…