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Looking backwards.

You can only do what you think is right at each moment as you live it.

Words of wisdom. Really, when you think about it, does it benefit anyone to dwell on the past? Oh, I know, we can probably learn from our mistakes, and even learn from the mistakes of others. But, for me, when I look back, all I see are ghosts.

Sometimes, I think about a special memory or a place in time, and wonder if it really happened at all. Isn't that strange how memories can turn to watercolor with time. Even tragic memories, especially tramatic events can fade and mellow with the passing of time. I remember when my toddler son drown in a pond in our front yard, and how tramatic that was. But, as I think about it now, did it ever really happen? My son is eight years old now, and you would never know that happened, except for the memory. Just recently, my Grandmother passed away, and I was privileged to be near her in death. Even that memory is beginning to fade and convert to ghosts.

I love to visit the ghos…

Dress-up, anyone?

Did you ever play dress-up as a child? For my kids, when they were younger, I collected funny, goofy clothes and accessories for them to play dress-up. Funny hats, weird sunglasses and wigs, funky ties... they had great fun. Got some really great pics of them getting creative!

Now I'm embarking on a type of dress-up, as well. As an avid Star Wars fan, I have always wanted my own Jedi costume. Not an exact replica of one of the characters, but my own creation. And, after many months of considering, I actually have a good excuse to create one! I will be attending a letterboxing event in July, where I will be wearing (hopefully) my new Jedi attire, complete with lightsaber!

Putting together a Jedi costume is no easy feat, I will tell you. To purchase one outright is a little out of my comfort zone (not to mention not in the budget), so that leaves making it my only option. There are the tunics, the obi and belt (which is very specific), the pants, the boots. And, you cannot j…