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What Are We Doing, Anyway?

As we come near to the close of another year, I have many thoughts swirling in my head. Many frustrations. I listen, observe, and study. And this is what I see:
We are proud of our intelligence, then believe lies that make us think we are better than other humans.
We say we are compassionate, but use God as an excuse for judgement, bigotry, and hatred. We mock those who are using their smart phones in public, but then spend hours in front of a television when at home.
We want others to cut us some slack when we make a mistake, but then honk rudely or flash headlights when someone is actually driving the speed limit in front of us.
We don’t want to be ripped off by government or business, but we have no qualms about gloating over the extra change we got from the mistake of the cashier at the grocery store.
If we don’t care about what others think of us, why do we all lie about our weight on our drivers’ license?
We perpetuate lies and myths as facts in order to tear down those in auth…