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Random Sticky Notes, Rainy Weekend Version

I love to lay in bed, in the early morning hours, and listen to the rain outside my window. It is even better if the wind chimes softly join with the breeze. Together they make such a lovely way to awaken.
Gratitude is a great way to lift your spirits, re-energize your mood. I am so very grateful for laughter and learning, that I am able to enjoy my home everyday without strife, and that I am loved. 
Mental clutter:
What do you make of THIS? Wow! Chuck said absolutely not. Not even a chance. 

Random Latin snips from the beginner:
moneo, monere, monui, monatus - (verb) to warn, remind, or advise
lex, legis, (noun, f.) law
caecus, -a, -um, (adj.) blind; hidden, secret, dark
Hmmm...I sense a theme here! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Now, this is INTERESTING.

"The practice of generosity can serve as a corrective to addictive consumerism. Generosity enacts the quality of non-greed; it is a willingness to give, to share, to…

Random Sticky Notes

Clutter. I hate it. Little bits and pieces of stuff--life really--hanging around. Mostly clutter doesn't have a place to call its own, so it just gets put wherever. By the front door, or stuffed to the edge of the counter pretending it cannot be seen. Until I see it, that is.

Real clutter is easier to handle than clutter in my mind. Little things and big things bounce around from the front of my attention, then get relegated to the shadows, only to squeeze their way back into the light.

I think I'll just post them here. Perhaps all these disparate pieces of mental stickies will find purpose and meaning living on a blog post...

"Our practice is always to resurrect our selves, going back to the mind and the body with the help of mindful breathing and walking. This will produce our true presence in the here and now. Then we will become alive again. We will be like dead people reborn. We are free from the past, we are free from the future, we are capable of establishing ours…

everything everywhere always

It is still dark outside. The world, as I know it, is still snoozing away snuggled in their homes, quietly peaceful. Even the birds are not awake yet, as I stick my nose out our slider door to enjoy a deep breath of salty air. Within that breath are the memories of many years, countless people, and truly, all of my life. I love doing that, and I am never disappointed.

However, I made a mistake this morning. While my beloved continues to slumber, I quietly got my morning coffee and intended to write, anticipating the small slice of solitude in which to attempt to organize my thoughts. I love writing, and I love having the space and time to do so. Unfortunately for me, like I said, I made a mistake. I read someone’s blog that, once again, called me out as a crappy person, a used-to-be friend who lacked the integrity to hang in there and ALWAYS be there. So, no, that wasn’t the best way to take the first bite of my ‘slice,’ as it were.
I should know better by now. Every time this person…