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Pondering Rejection

This sure is a tough world we live in, wouldn't you agree?

It has been a recent revelation to me that I live with rejection everyday; coming from the people closest to me. Why I didn't identify it earlier, I'm not sure. What is it about 'unconditional love' that just seems so elusive?

I have realized that I have faced this every day for years. I have been recently blessed in my life with someone who has not rejected me...well, not yet anyway. They have proven themselves to be loyal by my own definition, and the contrast has been made clear. That has not happened before, and it is quite startling, to be honest. I thank G-d everyday for this gift. But, it makes me wonder about rejection and how I deal with it.

There are many forms of rejection; I'm not talking about being rejected in a job interview or by talent scout, but relational rejection. I guess the one that is the most painful is disrespect. Criticism can be so hurtful, even if it is as subtle as a …