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A Different Perspective...on Dating

OK, so I've been pondering the whole 'dating' issue as of late. Yes, I am married and not looking to date anyone. So, you ask, why am I pondering this?

In my community, we don't condone dating. I guess to 'not condone' something, you must define it. Dating, in my view, would be meeting someone randomly and then deciding to meet again, not so randomly. The classic dinner & a movie, picnic, day trip - that would consitute a date in my mind. After a couple of dates, said couple would then have a pretty good feel whether this union is going to work for them. (For the sake of argument, I am going to assume that this couple is not going to have any intimiate relations until marriage, which I think is a wise choice of action.)

What's wrong with that?? I dated, my parents dated, all of my friends (both married and divorced) dated, all the people I have ever respected dated... it seems to work, right? The argument against dating says that dating sets up a…