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Grateful Friday

Today is Friday. The first Friday of the first week of the first year of my educational journey. Thankfully, Friday is a "light day", as I only have one class.

I'm grateful I was able to do my homework on my break yesterday. I have come to realize that obtaining  higher education is simply taking one day at a time, completing the assignments one at a time and sitting in the seat one day at a time. I'm grateful I was in the seat this week.

I'm grateful for beautiful weather, gorgeous sunrises and stunning sunsets.

I'm grateful for blue houses, brown towels, fleece sheets and emergency corkscrews.

I'm grateful for Marcia, kleenex and free wi-fi in parking lots.

I'm grateful for one-way conversation. I know...that is strange, but I am. At least some communication is better than none.

I'm thankful Morgan got to Texas safely. Oh, so grateful for cell phones, texting and the US Postal Service.

I'm grateful for the gift of sound and the ability to h…

The First Day

*deep breath*

Well, I have said for several months that I wouldn't believe that I was a college student until my, um... posterior was sitting in class. Well, that happened this morning, as I found myself in Math 085. Yeah, I'm not a math whiz, as it were, but I'm certainly not alone.

Math, English and Humanities is the first quarter to wind through in my higher education journey. I am finding it fascinating - all of it. The atmosphere of a community college is diverse, casual and borderline scholarly (I think my view of scholarly academia is a little bit more old-school than what I see here!) It seems, at first blush, like grown-up high school. I guess it will be interesting to see how my view changes over time.

I am definitely one of the older students. But, I can easily see how that will be to my advantage; with a little life experience under my belt, I not only know simple answers quickly (not to mention the chutzpah to offer them well), but stand out from the majority o…

The Substance

I have a theory.

It's an idea that I have floated out there with some success. Nothing earth shattering, I'm sure. However, I feel it is more than just an idea or framework of definition. I believe it may be the answer we have always had and I'm just now getting around to grasping it.

There is a substance from which all things are made. In the scientific mind, atoms make up molecules, and molecules form structures and those structures take shape into the world we can see, touch and taste - experience. It's those atoms that have a beginning and a memory of their author, who very well may have used their own substance to design, similar to Adam's rib being used to create his companion.

So, here's the crux of the matter; this mystery substance that flows and creates, is the very substance that enables invisible bonds between souls. It flows from one to another, free of the restrictive and unyeilding boundary of electromagnetic force that holds atoms together. The …


Yes, it's Friday.
No, I haven't been blogging much. No excuses.
Change can come hard and fast, it's true.

Regardless, I am grateful.

I am grateful for beautiful souls that love me despite my human weakness.

I'm grateful for quick questions.

I'm grateful for glorious, summer days and meaningful music.

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning,  but anyone can start today and make a new ending. ~Maria Robinson

I'm grateful for teaching opportunities...and for the opportunity to learn.

I'm grateful for wisdom that comes from on high.

I'm grateful for faraway friends and their undying support.

Life can either be accepted or changed.  If it is not accepted, it must be changed.  If it cannot be changed, then it must be accepted.

I'm grateful for revelation and acceptance.

I'm grateful to be able to back up young people who I respect a great deal.

I'm grateful for financial aid and knowledgeable staff at the financial aid office at Tacoma Community Co…