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Sweet Freedom

It has been a long, arduous road. Since I made the decision to be a part of organized religion, some 20 years ago or so, it has been a very interesting journey. And that I have broken the bonds of obligation, judgment, and guilt, I am finally free.

My mother saw it coming. I just want to put that in writing somewhere, although I wish she could see it. Long before her passing, she questioned my involvement in a religious congregation. Oh, she most certainly believed in the Most Holy G-d of the Universe, without question. What she didn't have any faith in was the people who gather in His Name. "You are going to get hurt, Liz. No really, listen...I've walked this road myself, and it was painful." As usual, she was right.

Even with that warning, I was unprepared for what awaited me. The sheer shallowness and aloof judgement was something it took me all those 20-ish years to wrap my head around. And here is the crux of the matter: just because I make every effo…