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Grateful Friday

I  am so grateful this beautiful morning. The sun is shining, and has been for too many days for me to count. The hummingbirds are gracing me with their presence, my children love me and I am privileged to be enjoying a cup of some of the best coffee Starbuck's can produce. Life is good.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to enjoy Mt. Rainier and all the beautiful wildflowers. Incredible.

I'm grateful to be able to play with the Little Red Corvette - how fun!  (All these pics were taken with my friend's beautiful, new (and red) Nikon P510. I'm so impressed with this camera - all these photos are unedited.)

I'm so grateful to have a few dollars in my checking account.

I'm grateful for life coursing through my veins in a way that it hasn't for too many years.

I'm grateful for stories - both old and new.

I'm grateful for all my senses.

I'm grateful for 'iron sharpening iron'.

I'm grateful for tissues at just the right times.

I'm gra…

Grateful Friday

This week I am so grateful to have been able to travel to the gorgeous state of Idaho to visit a very special person. Virginia, who happens to be 91, is my bestie's beloved mother. And she is beloved to me, as well. I am grateful for her smile and loving faith. I love how she gets a twinkle in her eye when I gently tease her...she is such a treasure. Oh yes, I am so very grateful that Lisa shared her mom with me. I am so very blessed...beyond measure.

I am grateful for glorious sunshine.

I am grateful for warm feelings and hearty laughter between friends.

I'm grateful for honest conversation.

I'm grateful for deepening relationships.

I'm grateful for flexibility - what an excellent trait to have.

I'm grateful for bottled water, wasabi almonds and melty trailmix.

I'm grateful for filet-o-fish sandwiches.

I'm grateful to the founder of Starbuck's.

I'm grateful for a fun conversation with Patrick the tour bus driver.

I'm grateful for uber-comfy hote…

Grateful Friday

I will exalt you, Adonai, because you drew me up; you didn’t let my enemies rejoice over me. Adonai my G-d, I cried out to you, and you provided healing for me. Adonai, you lifted me up from Sh’ol; you kept me alive when I was sinking into a pit.
Sing praise to Adonai, you faithful of his; and give thanks on recalling his holiness. For his anger is momentary, but his favor lasts a lifetime.
Tears may linger for the night, but with dawn come cries of joy. Once I was prosperous and used to say, that nothing could ever shake me — when you showed me favor, Adonai, I was firm as a mighty mountain. But when you hid your face, I was struck with terror.
I called to you, Adonai; to Adonai I pleaded for mercy: “What advantage is there in my death, in my going down to the pit? Can the dust praise you? Can it proclaim your truth?
Hear me, Adonai, and show me your favor! Adonai, be my helper!”
You turned my mourning into dancing! You removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy, so that my well-bei…