Grateful Friday

The Beautiful Clearwater River, Idaho
This week I am so grateful to have been able to travel to the gorgeous state of Idaho to visit a very special person. Virginia, who happens to be 91, is my bestie's beloved mother. And she is beloved to me, as well. I am grateful for her smile and loving faith. I love how she gets a twinkle in her eye when I gently tease her...she is such a treasure. Oh yes, I am so very grateful that Lisa shared her mom with me. I am so very blessed...beyond measure.

I am grateful for glorious sunshine.

I am grateful for warm feelings and hearty laughter between friends.

I'm grateful for honest conversation.

I'm grateful for deepening relationships.

I'm grateful for flexibility - what an excellent trait to have.

I'm grateful for bottled water, wasabi almonds and melty trailmix.

I'm grateful for filet-o-fish sandwiches.

I'm grateful to the founder of Starbuck's.

I'm grateful for a fun conversation with Patrick the tour bus driver.

I'm grateful for uber-comfy hotel beds.

I'm grateful for wisdom shared.

I'm grateful for the wonderful medical staff the Everett Clinic and Surgery Center.

I'm so grateful for technology.

I am grateful for the sweet waitress at IHOP in Lewiston.

I am grateful for the 'million dollar smile'.

I'm grateful for music to sing to.

I'm grateful to really live. Man, it feels good.

So, what are you grateful for this week?


Mama Cache said…
I'm grateful for a safe summer as it draws to a close. Lots of memories. Lots of sunshine.

Getting ready for fall, favorite season.
Ari C'rona said…
I'm grateful for my family and the unconditional love that I'm finally seeing... it's always been there, and I didn't even realize it.

I'm grateful for such a fabulous trip with my bestie! It's the best one in a very long time - I thank my G-d for the healing He has done in us both. And, I'm so very humbled... He is worthy of all praise and honor.