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It's the simple things...

it’s the simple things...

It's the simple things that truly make us all happiest, isn't it? Sometimes, life gets so hectic and full of obligations, that I just have to stop and remember what makes me, and those around me, happy.

Happiness is...

...the sound of the kittens scampering down the hallway

...chips & salsa unexpected free latte... thank you, Larry!

...a long, hot shower

...getting to carve as long as I want to (which is a loooong time!)

...wearing my Jedi robes

...laughing until I cry

...exchanging a knowing look with a good friend

...hearing my Mom say 'I love you' at the end of our phone conversation

...a smile from my husband

...a good hair day

...that first cup of coffee

...being led by the 'Force'

...curling up late at night and savoring a good Star Wars book

...feeling strong and smart

...being warm

...feeling skinny

...when all the laundry is caught up

...the feeling of belonging

...making a stranger smile

...sacrificing for someone else's benefit


Throw a penny in the water...

When I was a kid, I loved to throw a penny in the fountain. Any fountain would do, and I really never knew why folks did that. All I knew was that you were to make a wish; not that the wish would come true, or anything. It was just for fun.

Now, I have noticed that parks and places that have fountains ask that you don't throw pennies in the water. *shrug* So much for wishes, eh? Well, I can make wishes without the penny, I think.

I wish my cat would quit yelling at me.

I wish my darling children would be motivated to do their chores without hounding.

I wish my house would stay cleaner and that the laundry didn't pile up so quickly.

I wish prices were lower - I think that would help most folks out.

I wish I didn't have to go shopping quite so often; I really don't enjoy it like I used to.

I wish gas cost less... doesn't everyone??

I wish some were more considerate of other's feelings.

I wish the grass didn't grow so fast and require so much maintenance.

I wish …

"RESPECT, find out what it means to me..."

I have been pondering the whole idea of respect the last couple of days. What a vague thing it is, to have respect for someone and why...very subjective, I'd say. I guess, in my sequential way, the first thing I want to know is the actual definition of the word.

re-spect, n, to consider worthy of high regard or to esteem.

re-spect-able, adj, 1. worthy of respect, 2. decent or correct in character or behavior.

Well, I have to admit that the above definitions are pretty cut and dried, in my view. But what is your definition of decent and correct? My standard is the straight stick of Scripture, but I know that others have differing opinions.

I always instantly know when someone does not respect me, for whatever reason, and I suppose that is true for most. I find this offensive (as I diligently work at doing the right thing in all situations) and have to work hard not to react negatively towards that person. There are some that I don't respect, as well, however I usually keep…


Being raised not attending religious services, I am always baffled by the traditions and thoughts of those raised regularly attending. I bump up against these traditions often; the most common one is the roles of women and men.

Don't get me wrong, I believe what Scripture has to say about the marriage relationship, and try to adhere to it closely. I believe that, when married, the man and woman become one, the man being the head and the woman the help-mate. However, I find that definitions differ as to what this really entails. I always end up with questions; not about my own perspective, but about the perspective of others. So, if the man is the 'head', does that mean that he makes all the decisions? So, if he makes all the decisions, why does he need a 'helper'? Didn't the Almighty give a brain to both men and women? If so, then why would the woman not need to think about decisions also? I could get real cynical and think, by the actions of some, tha…

Summary of the Biggest Road Trip Ever

our time with X Marks the Spot in Mobile, Alabama

So, where do I start?
We are home.
We are unpacked, the van is returned to the rental agency, and I am dutifully detoxing. I am kind of in a state of disbelief that it is over. I was asked if I still had the 'travel bug' today, after the big trip. The answer to that is a resounding 'Yes!' I am definitely a restless spirit, that's for sure.
So, where do I start to journal all that we experienced on our journey? I guess I could start with some numbers... 8,311 miles driven, almost 4,000 pictures snapped, hundreds of dollars spend on gasoline, shelter and mementos, and over 100 letterboxers met along the way.
Or, I could talk about all the things I learned about myself, my companions and traveling... I like Quality Inns the best, sometimes swimming pool chlorine makes me sick to my stomach, I can be with Lisa for a very long time and not get tired of her company, that I require a little bit more alone time than I thoug…