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Thinking about silence.

Speak only if it improves the silence. ~Mahatma Ghandi (and Zen saying)
"Silence soothes us and brings us back to present moment.  Today take time to be silent, just breathe and honor the here and now."

That is my practice.

All beings are the owners of their intentions, actions, and results.
Their level of happiness depends upon their actions, not on my wishes for them.
May we all accept things as they are.
May we be undisturbed by the comings and goings of events.
I care for you but cannot keep you from suffering.
I wish you happiness but cannot make your choices for you.
No matter what I wish for, things are as they are.

It seems to me that there are two sides to the concept of equanimity: dealing with our own expectations and reactions to happenings, and holding a balanced view of happenings in the lives of others. I have a long history of suffering for others and have struggled to maintain balance. I have tried to help, advise, make way, bear their burden, ‘take the hit,’ and be available to all who are in need, often to my own detriment. It is my intention for the above mantras to become so familiar and practiced that they will become my go-to response to the pain, suffering, and seemingly unavoidable dra…

Springtime Meditation

It is so pleasant to be able to get outside after, what seems like, such a lengthy winter. I have taken more time this last week to just sit outside. I have been enjoying meditation in different parts of my garden listening to the birds, hearing the wind chimes, and watching the ducks. I can’t imagine not being grateful for the moment – practicing metta for all that is around me is a natural response. May all the animals find what they need to nest, may the plants thrive in the sun, may the peace I feel now sustain me through times of stress and unrest. Just being in the garden, mindfully considering the springtime rebirth, is refreshingly healing after such a stretch of weather that takes your breath away and chases you back inside the house.
Chuck and I have been taking more walks in the fresh air and sunshine – we have naturally made them into more of walking meditation. Just quietly and mindfully walking allows time to note the sounds and sensations within as we stroll along - th…