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Star Wars Challenge: Week 17

Your favorite moment in The Phantom Menace

I love everything about Episode 1, so it was really hard for me to pick one favorite moment.  However, the opening scenes where we first see the Jedi acting in their full capacity...well, that is just awesome for this Jedi.  In the original trilogy, we only heard snippets of things from Old Ben, could only imagine what it could have been like when the Jedi were the respected peacekeepers and guardians of the Galaxy, but here in these first glimpses of the beginning of the saga, we get full view of the Jedi in their intended setting.  And, what a view it is!

SunRiver, Oregon - The Ride Home

The last day of our mom's sanity break to SunRiver found us trekking over the Santiam Pass from Bend, through Sisters, all the way to Salem, Oregon.  We loved going over the mountains...

...except when we hit a little flurry!

Luckily, it didn't last long.  As soon as we started to go down the west side, the snow quickly disappeared and we were sprinkled on the rest of the way.  I'd never been to Salem, so when we arrived, we drove around downtown for a bit of exploring.  We quickly got overtaken by traffic and construction re-routes, so we booked it out of there, and made our way to McMinnville.  Now, that's a cute town (we waved at you and the new baby, Tyra!)

Once we hit I-5 towards home, we took the opportunity to listen to an audio book; Get Out of that Pit, by Beth Moore.  I highly, highly recommend this book which not only researches Scripture for the definition of a pit, but goes into detail of the three different types of pits.  Ms. Moore doesn't just leav…

Grateful Friday

I'm grateful for a wonderful time touring around Lake Washington with great friends last Sunday.

I'm grateful that I'm not achy anymore. Now if this cough would go away...

I'm grateful for OTC medicines for my kiddos.

I'm grateful that my kids were happy to see me after us all being apart last weekend.

I'm grateful for good conversations with my bestie.

I'm grateful to find what I had been looking for, and couldn't find at home...the perfect salad serving bowl!  Woohoo!  (And, here's the really perfect part...we found it in one shop for $42, which was a little too rich for my blood.  Then we found it again, in another shop, for $30!  At that point, I had to buy it...)

I'm grateful to be loved.

I'm grateful my husband is gainfully employed.

I'm grateful for AAA.

I'm grateful that we have a nice GPS.

I'm grateful that it is not pouring down rain at the moment.

I'm grateful for Super Supplements. (now, there's a switch!…

SunRiver, Oregon - Day Three

Day three found us touring the charming town of Sisters. Unfortunately, it was pretty cloudy, so we were unable to view the beautiful mountains for which this quaint tourist town is named after. While we were enjoying breakfast, we watched a powder-fine snow falling out the windows. Thankfully, though, it had no chance of sticking.

As we explored Sisters with it's many gifty shops and boutiques, it was dry but pretty windy and cold. After I availed myself of a cheapy sweatshirt, we continued to meander through the shops where we saw so many wonderful things you just don't see anywhere else except in touristy towns (like the wonderful salad serving bowl I've been looking for...woohoo!)

After a few hours, we decided we had shopped enough and drove for a bit. Looking for Cline Falls proved to be beautiful, but sans falls. *shrug* After that short stop, we found our way back to Bend and a delightful outdoor mall that was housed in historic old mill buildings.

SunRiver, Oregon - Day Two

Yes, you guessed's raining. Yeah, I know. It is supposed to be sunny and hot. *sigh*

However, it is still relaxing and beautiful, even if a little drippy.

We opted to check out the High Desert Museum, which never disappoints.  I've enjoyed it three times now, and haven't been sorry yet.  If you haven't had the pleasure, I highly recommend it.  This time there was this incredible exhibit of hand-quilted quilts from around the turn of the century - simply exquisite.  (I've tried my hand at this tedious art-form - I was more than impressed.)

My favorite part of the museum is the Spirit of the West permanent indoor exhibit, taking you through "a journey through the High Desert region experiencing the sights and sounds of those who lived and worked in this part of the West...from a Northern Paiute rock shelter overlooking marshland, to a Hard Rock mine operation and an 1885 settlement town with the businesses and services essential in a High Desert commu…

SunRiver, Oregon - Day One

How 'bout a few shots of our six-plus hour drive from home to SunRiver, Oregon? We decided we needed to take a bit of a scenic view and meandered along the Columbia River rather than stick to the interstate...

Distance travelled: 370 miles
Photos snapped: 116
Waterfalls spotted: at least 4
Snow-capped mountains in the distance: 11
Gas price per gallon: $3.99
Museums enjoyed: 1 (Columbia River Discovery Center)
Dams viewed by accident: 1 (The Dalles Dam)
Music CDs listened to: 5, some multiple times
Time of arrival in SunRiver: almost 8pm
Prairie dogs spotted: 1
Number of rodents trying to commit suicide by running in front of Speeder: 2
Nice, helpful resort personnel talked to: 9
Number of scary biker dudes spotted: 3

Worth remembering:
Full-service gas stations!
Seeing the Columbia Gorge for the first time
Wishing to see Multnomah Falls, then suddenly it appeared!

Not worth remembering:
trying to figure out the wi-fi at the resort after the office was closed
the dark, …

Star Wars Challenge: Week 16

Photo of your Star Wars related things (books, action figures, posters, shirts, etc.)

Do I really have to reveal  *chuckle*

I have quite a bit of Star Wars-related items.  Books (fiction & reference), action figures & toys, a wardrobe of Jedi costumes, assorted props, lightsabers, posters, hand-carved rubber stamps, music and the collection of movies and animated series, of course.  I also have a small collection of SW t-shirts and jewelry that is fun to wear.  But I guess one of my favorite and most used Star Wars collection is quotes.

Right beside my computer I have sheets of printed SW quotes I have collected and enjoyed for years now.  I have been known to keep a notebook beside my bed for recording especially stirring or pithy quotes I find while reading SW for pleasure.  Too many times those quotes, especially Jedi wisdom, come in handy to add to a discussion or debate - and most of the time, no one even knows I'm quoting SW, except Padawan, of c…

Grateful Friday

I'm grateful that I was able to celebrate Miss Marilyn's birthday!

I'm grateful for OTC drugs that make us feel so much better.

I'm grateful that my daughter does the laundry - and a great job she does.

I'm grateful for good friends who love me whether I'm laughing or crying.

I'm grateful for audiobooks.

I'm grateful for purpose.

I'm grateful for our prayer group.

I'm grateful that our LORD answers our prayers.

I'm grateful for the internet and places to learn.

I'm grateful we had fabulous weather to get out and take some pictures.

I'm grateful to know it's not my new phones that are messing up, but the stupid phone line!

I'm grateful that I won't feel like this forever - I hate having a cold.

I'm grateful for ibuprofen, emergen-c and tissues.

I'm grateful for our minivan that we all fit in comfortably.

I'm grateful the fever has broken. That wasn't fun, that's for sure.

I'm grateful for the nice …


Ponder the path of your feet; then all your ways will be sure. ~Proverbs 4:26
"I have no dream, no goal in front of me.  My whole life I've just drifted, trying to do the best I can to please and fulfill the expectations of others."  Have you heard this before?  I frequently hear this with friends and as I pop around on the web.  I marvel simply because I see how prevalent it is.  I have to admit - I resemble that remark.

On one hand, the so-called drifting can be justified by saying that the drifter is completely open to the will and purposes of the Almighty.  At least, it sounds good, huh?  On the other, it leaves them with no purpose or direction, forever cursing them with the statement above.

So, why then the proverb?  When I read it this morning, I had to smile.  As a sometimes hiker and letterboxer, I know full well that you have to be aware of your footing.  Pondering the path below your feet is essential to sure-footing; and besides, here in the PNW you wouldn…

Star Wars Challenge: Week 15

A scene that makes you sad/angry?  (I picked sad...)

This final scene of Obi-Wan and Anakin together always rips my heart out.
The destruction of relationship, the betrayal, the pain...

"You were the Chosen One! It was said that you would destroy the Sith, not join them. You were to bring balance to the Force, not leave it in darkness."

(As Anakin shouts his hatred toward Obi-Wan, he responds out of the pain of his soul...)

"You were my brother, Anakin... I loved you!"

Grateful Friday

I'm grateful for coffee. Ok, that's kinda lame, but you have to start somewhere, right?

I'm grateful this morning.

Grateful for my daughter, and my two growing sons.

Grateful for my bestie and all my close, dear friends who are walking a difficult road with me patiently.

Grateful for my Dad, who is trying to shield me from too much grief.

Grateful for my hubby, who knows when he needs to be nice.

Grateful for my brother and his care of my Dad.

Grateful for my beloved family members who have now gone on to be with the LORD - their legacy is unmistakable.

Grateful for ghosts and the lessons they still provide.

I'm even grateful for my cats who want to be with me and need me regardless.

Yeah, I'm grateful this morning. Grateful for life.

I'm grateful for those that are willing to share their experiences and life-lessons with others.

I'm grateful for bagged salad, baby carrots and yummy, ready-made salad dressing.

I'm grateful for a wonderful time hangin&#…


happiness, n., a mental state of well-being characterized by positive emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.
What makes a person happy?  I suppose this question has been asked millions of times over the course of time that humans have walked the earth.  I sincerely wonder if it is a commodity that evades definition.

We all want to be happy.  Happy with our circumstances, happy with our jobs, happy with our lives...right?

A few days ago, a sweet friend was pleased to see me.  "You look so happy!" she said with a smile.  Apparently, I had not looked happy the last time I was in her presence.  It made me think about what was different from the last time I saw her; really, nothing had changed.  My circumstances are still the same as then - the same grief and swirling emotions.  But, perhaps time really is the great healer, and I'm continuing to progress through the grief process without being fully aware.  I wanna say that makes me happy.  Honestly, though, I thin…

Morning Song

Like a heart in winter beats alone,
solitary is this place I call my own.
Memories of sun that fan an undiminished flame...

Morning song, and still you're gone.
Somehow I'll find a way
to fill my glass up to the rim,
unearthing gold each day.
True is my devotion -
always there beneath my skin.

No forgetting what is left behind;
Light and shadow from a once elusive sky.
Wanting to possess me like an unforgiving rain...

Morning song, and still you're gone.
Somehow I'll find a way
to fill my glass up to the rim,
unearthing gold each day.
True is my devotion -
once a bright undying dream.

Memories of sun that fan an undiminished flame..

Morning song and still you're gone
somehow I'll find a way
to fill my glass up to the rim
unearthing gold each day.
True is my devotion -
always there beneath



Let me hear in the morning of thy steadfast love,  for in thee I put my trust.  Teach me the way I should go,  for to thee I lift up my soul.

Star Wars Challenge: Week 14

A scene that makes you happy...

I just love the scene at the end of A New Hope just after Luke & Han work together to destroy the first Death Star.  But, I couldn't find anything on the web depicting this scene, so I had to come up with my own.

Not the best quality, I know...

I really like how Carrie, Mark and Harrison played this scene;  very believable for me. 

 Great classic Star Wars.


Dearest Mom,

Words cannot express how much I miss you.  

I thank G-d for you...every day.

Thank you for all that you did and sacrificed for me.

I love you more than words can say.

your loving daughter, Elizabeth

Grateful Friday

Have the courage to say no.  Have the courage to face the truth.  Do the right thing because it is right.  These are the magic keys to living your life with integrity.” ~W. Clement Stone

I'm so thankful for our wonderful time at Marilyn's for erev Shabbat.

I'm grateful for friends who want to gather for worship together on Shabbat.

I'm so pleased and grateful for our time Sunday at the March of Remembrance - the weather was miraculous!

I'm grateful I was able to snag some pretty good shots of the March of Remembrance and of the gorgeous spring day.  But, I wasn't grateful Morgan accidentally left her camera battery at home.  *sadness*

I'm grateful for reading glasses.

I'm grateful for butter tarts - yummy!

I'm grateful for opportunities to talk things out.

I'm grateful for sunglasses and cheap sweatshirts.

I am grateful that blisters don't last forever.

I'm grateful that justice was finally served for Usama Bin Laden and his son.

I'm gr…

Above Reproach

A dear friend shared the following article with me recently.  It especially hit home as I have been pondering the interesting and sometimes serious relationship between congregational leadership and their followers.  It has occurred to me that in my desire to be a part of a believing community, there lies the huge potential of finding myself following leaders that aren't quite as 'above reproach' as I would like.  It is an impossibility to be under perfect human leadership, as we all know, but is it possible to evaluate a leader or team of leaders prior to committing completely?  According to the following, it may be.

First, let's review a couple of Scriptures that speak directly to the qualifications of an elder, or overseer.

1) 1 Timothy 3:1-7  "The saying is trustworthy: If anyone aspires to the office of overseer, he desires a noble task. Therefore an overseer must be above reproach, the husband of one wife, sober-minded, self-controlled, respectable, hospita…

Just As Good the Second Time!

A few years ago, Padawan and I traveled down to OMSI to check out the Star Wars - Science Meets Imagination exhibit.  It was wonderful even though at the time we were not costumers.  What?? There was a time when we weren't costuming?  Well, actually, yes there was.  But, it wasn't long after checking out the props, models and incredible costumes that we got the costuming bug!

So, it was only fitting to go and see it again - especially since it was being featured at our own Pacific Science Center.  Unfortunately, we weren't able to actually 'troop' it in costume due to personal circumstances and scheduling conflicts, but we were with our costuming friends in spirit, for sure.  I was very happy to photograph, scrutinize, analyze and enjoy all the exhibits once again. I hope you do, too...

Star Wars Challenge: Week 13

Favorite quote?

Oh my goodness!  I have pages of printed quotes that just speak to me...favorites, to be sure.  So many.  How in the world can I narrow it down to

I have carved (into rubber) many of my favorite SW quotes over the past years, just for fun.  Here are a few:

I guess I have to admit to a favorite quote that is frequently on my mind, especially these days.  Said by the wise and unpredictable Qui-Gon Jinn to his young apprentice, Obi-Wan:

"You cannot prevent what you cannot see coming. You can only do what you think is right at each moment as you live it. We can plan, hope and dread the future. What we cannot do is know it." ~Jedi Apprentice, The Uncertain Path