SunRiver, Oregon - Day Two

Yes, you guessed's raining. Yeah, I know. It is supposed to be sunny and hot. *sigh*

However, it is still relaxing and beautiful, even if a little drippy.

We opted to check out the High Desert Museum, which never disappoints.  I've enjoyed it three times now, and haven't been sorry yet.  If you haven't had the pleasure, I highly recommend it.  This time there was this incredible exhibit of hand-quilted quilts from around the turn of the century - simply exquisite.  (I've tried my hand at this tedious art-form - I was more than impressed.)

My favorite part of the museum is the Spirit of the West permanent indoor exhibit, taking you through "a journey through the High Desert region experiencing the sights and sounds of those who lived and worked in this part of the West...from a Northern Paiute rock shelter overlooking marshland, to a Hard Rock mine operation and an 1885 settlement town with the businesses and services essential in a High Desert community."

stage coach used in the area - very cool!

Baby rodent spotted:  1 - soooo cute!
Very cool museums visited:  1
Friendly people encountered:  many!
Touristy sweatshirt purchased:  1
Artsy earrings perused:  dozens
Photos snapped:  99
Old fashioned donuts enjoyed:  2 (no, they were not multi-grain, in case you were wondering)
Phone call from a friend checking on me:  1  (thanks, Cherrie!)
Uber-cool scarfs purchased:  1

Worth remembering: 
checking out the incredible hand-quilting and stitching at the museum
that they don't allow drinks inside the museum

brand-new Aspen leaves greeting the world...
Oh, and did I mention that there is snow in the forecast tonite? 



Ari C'rona said…
hahaha! Just for the record, you can't buy a multi-grain donut, and I wasn't even worried about it...:oP

Yes, it was a cool museum! I like the bobcat, lynx, and and turtles.