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Have you truly ever considered, seriously, what you want? Or more pointedly, how you want to be treated?

No really...think about it. What is it that you most desire in your lifetime? A better paying job or a fat bank account? A reliable vehicle, or perhaps that really cool motorcycle that you have always dreamed of? Maybe it's a college degree or a masters, or one good hair day. So many, I know, constantly think about losing weight; do you desperately desire that you could fit into those size 8 jeans again? Perhaps, what you truly desire is simply a break from everyone's expectations. Ah, now that hits close to home, doesn't it?

Now, you may be thinking that what you want and how you want to be treated are two different trains of thought, but I disagree. Say you want that good hair day - why? Well, obviously you want to look good. But why? You answer, 'so others will find me appealing, attractive...' Again, I ask why? I would like to suggest that we wish to look ap…

Up in a Blue Velvet Sky

Do you find it strange to think that at the precise moment that you are looking at the moon, someone miles away is admiring the same view?

Does it make you feel small and insignificant...does it fill you with awe and wonder?

Do you think that it sure must be cold on the dark side or hot in the light?

Did you think, when you were younger, that there was a man in the moon? Or that it was made of cheese?

And what about the stars that keep the moon company in a blue velvet sky?

Do you think about how far away they are or why they twinkle?

Do you think about other planets that may be alive because of those stars or ponder the dead stars we cannot see?

Do you dream of traveling beyond the moon, or think of those who could?

When I see the constellations, I feel rather ignorant of the you feel ignorant, too?

Do you feel compelled to sit and wait to witness a shooting star or a passing satellite?

What is it about looking at the moon and stars, up in the night sky, that prompts…

Grateful Friday

I'm grateful for my dear, dear friend Lisa. She never falters, always right next to me no matter what - unconditionally. She was kind enough to share some of her 'gratefuls' today for our Friday get-your-mind-in-the-right-place post...thanks Lisa!

I'm grateful for a couple of days of warm sunshine after snow, ice, rain, and extreme grayness.

I'm grateful for a day to celebrate our friend's birthday - lots of laughter, fun pics and good food!

I'm grateful that Larry gets more overtime this week!

I'm grateful for clear roads and the fact that I can get out of my driveway easily now.

I'm grateful for Big Pharma ♥♥♥

I'm grateful for those times when the L-rd reaches down and lifts me out of myself to worship Him.

I'm grateful for time without obligations.

I'm grateful for friends who love me just the way I am and don't put difficult and unfair expectations on me.

I'm grateful my bestie no longer has endrometriosis and fibroids, AND …

Staying Alive in a Religious Congregation

I've learned a few hard lessons being a part of a 'close-knit', believing community. Since I am one of many who have been cut-off from their communities/family as if they were dead, I'd like to share a few nuggets of advice to facilitate 'staying alive' and continuing within the bounds and bonds of organized religion.

1.  Don't blog or participate in any type of social internet media. Sharing your thoughts publicly is a definite no-no, and causes others to stumble as they read your statuses or blog posts with a critical eye, ever looking for things to use as ammunition. This is definitely your fault, no matter how well you write or how much you espouse righteous living. You could be writing great stuff, but believe me, it won't matter one iota.

2.  Don't serve selflessly. This will definitely make others look bad, especially if you are gifted in the area of service. Making others look bad, or feel guilty for their not serving, is a death sentence a…

Lookin' for Some Color

What a wonderful day spent with friends - we chose to chase down some color in these grey days of January. How 'bout at a local favorite nursery?

What a week!

Well, I thought I'd give an update...what an amazing week!  Let's see if I can remember everything, or at least most of it...

It started to get dicey weather-wise last Shabbat - snow, snow, snow. Netanya bugged out of homeshul early to avoid the forecasted icy roads. And, yep...they got icy, alright!

Sunday, we were all watching the weather turn uglier and uglier.

Monday was our scheduled day to take Rosa to Monroe for a family visit. Monroe is a good hour and fifteen minutes away from us, not factoring in traffic...or the weather. We, (Lisa, Netanya and I) managed to get her up there and dropped off, despite snow coming down, especially in Monroe. On our return trip, we had the pleasure of stopping at that really cool antique store to poke around and take pictures. When we stepped out of the store, the snow had really started to come down. We beat it home.

Tuesday morning saw me walking around my yard capturing the melting snow, but that sure didn't last. The news was pr…

Grateful, Saturday

So, as you can see, I'm a bit late on our Grateful Friday post for this last week. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, we lost power in a rather severe winter storm that saw dips in temperatures, beautiful snow and pelting freezing rain. In these times of surviving without our beloved electricity, internet and cable television, we are given the unique opportunity to appreciate the more simple, but wonderful, blessings in our lives.

As we sat enjoying the erev Shabbat in a candle-lit family room (aka homeshul) warmed by a crackling fire, we utilized the last of the juice on my laptop to record our thankfulness and for that which we are grateful as we came through the storm.

We ultimately thank the Holy One for taking us through the dark times, never forsaking us and for showing us what is truly important in this life - to love one another.

I’m grateful that we made it to Monroe and back in severe driving conditions..

I’m grateful for the homeshul…even without power.

I’m grat…


We strive for stuff.

Innocent pretties, or that electronic transfer that equates to a new gadget.

We take pride in our clothing, our surroundings, our transportation.

We revel in our hobbies, our pastimes and our achievements...
all made possible as a result of our striving.

Striving for the perfect position, the appropriate look, the next accomplishment to add to the resume.

We strive to learn a craft, to gain knowledge and the skill to teach it to someone else...which ultimately makes us look pretty good, right?

We strive to lose weight and quit smoking.
To do the right thing, or at least the clever one.
We listen for opportunities to sound smart,
to be funny,
to be the center,
to be included.
Striving. We all do it.

We can have so much, do so much, and know so much.
Wouldn't you agree?

We are blessed with the necessities and beyond more.


"If I have the gift of prophecy, and know all mysteries and all knowledge; and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but do…

The Antique Challenge

How 'bout some fun pics from our latest photo challenge?

A really great antique store, three cameras, lots of laughter, a top 100 countdown of the greatest rock songs of all time on the radio, and one suspicious (and rather creepy) salesclerk.

This time the challenge was all about texture...and boy, there is a LOT of texture in an antique store. The challenge comes with dealing with indoor lighting, macro-blurry-ness, those dratted tags, shooting through glass cases (blasted glare!) and composition with so much 'noise' in the background. We really had a good time with this one!

So, put on some oldies and enjoy the textures of the antique store...

A good question. Actually a few of them.

"Why is it that people have to be mean and hurtful?"

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Perhaps a long time ago, or just yesterday when someone in your life decided to act like a jerk. Or perhaps it was when the guy in the car behind you at the stoplight thought that you didn't move fast enough so he gave you a not-so-friendly shove in the right direction. Whenever it was, I'm pretty positive everyone has asked the question. I remember asking my mom and I remember pondering it in the workplace. On the playground, on a crowded downtown sidewalk or in the small-town diner, it boggles our own minds how cruel we all can be.

I suppose the answer is rather simple: it's because, unfortunately, "we are human and it's part of the human nature." Sounds good, right? We inherited it from our forefathers, this penchant for inflicting cruelty and unkindness towards others. And not just people we will never see again...oh no; it is said that we hurt those…

Grateful Friday

I'm grateful that I came through surgery without complications.

I'm grateful for pain medication and a caring doctor.

I'm grateful for all the friends who are concerned about me.

I'm grateful for good books to read (love my kindle!).

I'm grateful for sunshine out my window.

I'm grateful for the company of my cats when it's best I just hang out in the bed.

I'm grateful for all the electronics that keep my mind occupied while waiting for my body to heal.

I'm grateful for hot showers.

I'm grateful that my husband is happy.

I'm grateful for subjects that stimulate my mind to think deeply.

I'm grateful for blogging.

I'm grateful for memories of my mom, although I sure have missed her careful nursing as of late.

I'm grateful that I'm included in the Life Center choir, even though I haven't been able to join them for a couple of months now.

I'm grateful to know that there are congregations that are welcoming, that somewhere…


What is terrible is to pretend that the second-rate is first-rate, that you don't need love when you do or that you like your work, when you know quite well you're capable of better.
~Doris Lessing
Ever felt apathy? Apathy is the type of word that I've heard kicked around a bit, but didn't really have much use for, at least in my circles. "She is apathetic to their cause" isn't something anyone would either think of me or hear me express, especially since my focus has been so tight on compassion. I suppose you could say that  I have been apathetic to knowing the full definition of the word apathy.

Until recently.

It has only been within the last couple of months that this word has wormed it's way into my consciousness and vocabulary from readings and various teachings.  It has been compared to words like contentment and happiness or joy - as if an opposite. But, if apathy is defined as a lack of interest, enthusiasm or concern, even displaying indiffe…

Grateful Friday

It's the first Grateful Friday of 2012! To start things off right, I asked a few of my favorite friends (about 300 or so) to share some gratitude - I'm thrilled so many were willing.

"Interesting, I was just pondering this earlier this evening... what am I truly grateful for? At the time, the answer came to me clearly and succinctly: Cheese Trays. I think I was hungry."

"I am grateful for you as a friend ! You always have a way to touch me when I need it most, a blog post, a photo, a status update. You are a bright spot in my day!"

"Our four legged furry friends that love us with abandon, rejoice with us when we are happy, console us when we are sad, and remind us that there is always joy to be found in this world in chew toys and string."

Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful. ~Thich Nhat Hanh
I'm grateful for celebrating the New Year with my beautiful friends Lisa and Barb in downtown Tacoma and for getting to enjoy the wonderfu…


A smile here, a prayer there.
Does it amount to much?

One foot in front of the other,
breathe in and breathe out.
And cling to hope yet another day.

They say that time heals all things,
but I don't believe that is true.
Just like sticks and stones,
words cause wounds that remain.
Irreparable damage, so it seems.

A flame flickers,
fragile but stubborn.
Deep darkness looming still,
as one hand holds tight to the candle
while the other doggedly protects.
It just can't go out...

The flame casts a shadow
warped and shaky.
The shadow floats through one day
then into the next;
a smile here, a prayer there.
Does it really amount to much?

Silence surrounds the shadow,
screaming rejection into reality.
Steely determination melts into despair,
leaving only a flickering flame 
and the whispered plea.

Fear grips the heart of the shadow,
with no relief in sight.
Will help never come?
Force another step,
take another breath.

A shadow of my former self,
watching time sliding past.
A smile here, a prayer there.
Will it ever amo…