Grateful, Saturday

So, as you can see, I'm a bit late on our Grateful Friday post for this last week. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, we lost power in a rather severe winter storm that saw dips in temperatures, beautiful snow and pelting freezing rain. In these times of surviving without our beloved electricity, internet and cable television, we are given the unique opportunity to appreciate the more simple, but wonderful, blessings in our lives.

As we sat enjoying the erev Shabbat in a candle-lit family room (aka homeshul) warmed by a crackling fire, we utilized the last of the juice on my laptop to record our thankfulness and for that which we are grateful as we came through the storm.

We ultimately thank the Holy One for taking us through the dark times, never forsaking us and for showing us what is truly important in this life - to love one another.


I’m grateful that we made it to Monroe and back in severe driving conditions..

I’m grateful for the homeshul…even without power.

I’m grateful for candles

I’m grateful for Alex Michael.

I’m grateful I got my car moved before that tree limb came down.

I’m grateful for the times when Jim did venture out, he was safe.

I’m grateful we stayed warm despite not having power.

I’m grateful for a hot shower.

I’m grateful for Morgan’s sense of humor.

I’m grateful for steady nerves.

I’m grateful that Rosa got home safe, thanks to D & K (& I, too!)

I’m grateful for a whole week off!

I’m grateful I’m not stuck on the other side of the closed bridge.

I’m thankful for alternative routes.

I’m thankful for battery powered music sources.

I’m thankful that HaShem got us through the storm safely.

I’m thankful that no branches or trees came down damaging houses.

I’m thankful for hot tea, wonderful wine and singing Shalom Aleichem in the candlelight.

I’m thankful for the Starbucks we found open along our treacherous trek to Monroe.

I’m thankful for toast toasted on the fireplace and vanilla pudding (and grocery stores that offer all types of food that we can eat without cooking!)

I’m thankful for a warm fire, warm candlelight and awesome friends who are willing to come from their powered homes to my un-powered one.

I’m grateful to be able use our official homeshul candlesticks for the first time!

I’m grateful for AAA tourbooks.

I’m grateful for great theological discussions with fellow believers.

I’m grateful for all the nice prison personnel.

I’m grateful to look forward to a road trip and a visit from a far-away friend.

I’m grateful my brother and family took in my mother when the power went out – it freed me up to accompany friends on a mitzvah.

I'm grateful for the sharing of joy with fellow outcasts.

I’m grateful for McDonalds – not just for comfort food but for clean bathrooms.

I’m grateful for seasoned wood – thanks Lisa!

I’m thankful for the warmest booth in the restaurant.

I’m thankful that even with the power out, our apartment is still pretty warm – it is probably pretty well insulated.

I’m thankful for locating tiny screws and tiny screwdrivers that can fix glasses at most critical times.

I’m grateful for cameras to record the amazing ice and snow storm.

I’m grateful for all the things I was able to do prior to the power going out.

I’m grateful for ipods and car chargers.

I’m grateful for the beauty of icicles.

I’m grateful for young men who help out.

I’m grateful Tay got his package in the mail today.

I’m grateful to be able to work from home.

I’m oh-so-grateful for the homeshul!

I’m grateful for now…

and not then.

I’m grateful for cats.

I’m grateful to be known as trustworthy and loving.

I’m so thankful for printed parashah notes and a whole afternoon solely available for studying Scripture.

I’m grateful for a friend who takes in strays…

I’m grateful we don’t have this kind of weather all the time.

I’m grateful for Jim bringing over my friend to spend time with me.

I’m thankful for those that put others needs (and wants) above their own.

I’m grateful for my neighbor Gary who voluntarily plowed our driveway, and then called to see how we were doing in the freezing weather.

I’m grateful for the neighbor who pulled my car out of the driveway with his tractor.

I’m grateful that the LORD was right with us during the roughest, hardest road that we travel, even when it's dangerous.

I’m thankful for lineman who are willing and able to repair broken lines.

We are all thankful for warm rain.

I’m thankful for snow plows and sand…salt is good, too.

I’m grateful for chonga bagels (oh so yummy!).

I’m grateful that my lens cap was found.

I'm grateful for a macro lens on my camera.

I'm so happy that we were able to have a wonderful, power-free erev Shabbat.

So, the Chaverim asks you...what are you grateful for this week?