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So, how many things can one person be obsessed about?

Since I am an 'all-or-nothing' type of person, it seems as though everything I get hooked into turns into an obsession.

Take letterboxing, for example. OK, so finding traditional boxes was fine... at first. Then, it quickly turned into carving my own stamps and planting, then to postal letterboxing and making my own logbooks. I absolutely love the artistic and creative aspect to letterboxing, which feeds this obsession.

I am obsessed with my faith. There is just no way around this one - it is all black and white for me. Either you are all in, or not in at all. To that end, my life revolves around my synagogue community and all that that entails... which is quite a bit!

Being obsessed with Israel tends to take up a lot of my brain-time. I absolutely LOVE the Land, and everything in it (except the terrorists, of course.) How I would love to be there now, walking along... well, just about anywhere! Along the Kinneret, on …