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Jedi Philosophy: Self-Mastery

At the conclusion of my second reading of the fabulous Star Wars book, Clone Wars - Wild Space (by Karen Miller), I find myself still pondering the depth of wisdom in the presented Jedi philosophy. I can't help but wonder what it would have been like to be trained from so young that you couldn't remember in the ways of self-discipline, meditation, wisdom, sacrifice and service. Nothing in our world, much less our western culture, comes even close.

"A Jedi youngling in the Temple is taught many things. First among them is this: Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering. Beware the dark side, Jedi. And the second lesson goes: Mastery of self is the only mastery that matters."

Mastery. Was I taught mastery of anything?...much less of self. The concept of self-discipline and self-control is definitely a religious thought that I was unaware of in my youth. To be honest, the thought never occurred to me until well into my twenties - pretty am…

Definitions worth considering


It always comes down to definitions, doesn't it? Take, for instance, the word fun. Some use this word to talk about an experience where they had a great time physically and mentally (for example: going to the amusement park was fun!). However, some use the word for a myriad of things from watching others take vows (weddings, etc.), or using the word to describe their feelings while witnessing a child learn something new (example: it was so fun to watch little Johnny finally figure out that math problem.) I take a rather black and white view of the word fun. I always think of a dear friend who always said everything was fun - anything from going on a wonderful date to going to the dump. Finally, I confronted her on her discrepancy...not everything can be described as fun, in my view.


I have been described as 'the diplomat', which I suppose is a fair assessment. I can be rather careful and tactful with the way I word things, to be sure. I believe that you c…