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So, I have been actively blogging for quite a while now, and I'd like to think I've learned a few things about 'publishing' one's thoughts on the world stage. The first thing is that more people than you think actually read what you write...yeah. This is especially true if you care about the little things that make your blog a pleasure to read, such as spelling and grammar, and take pains to post your link on various social utilities (Facebook, Twitter). How else are folks going even see you on such a huge stage? There are millions and millions of blogs and websites out there in cyberspace, and if you want readers, you have to take a risk and step out there, baby!

Another thing is the ability to track your loyal, and not-so loyal, readers through Google Analytics. This is an amazing and powerful tool and worth your time to check out. By simply plugging in the necessary code onto your blog, you can let Google gather information for you, graphed and broken down to the…

The Best of Tu B'Shvat

Just a taste of our celebration this year; this smaller seder is relaxing and enjoyable. We sample various fruits and nuts grown in the Land (Israel) and remember all the blessings the LORD has afforded us. (I included a couple shots from the following Shabbat we spent together, as well...)

The Best of Tu B'Shvat
(photo album link)

Cookies for Taylor

Playin' with my new digital voice recorder...just for fun *smile*

Paper Whites and Wintertime

I've never grown Paper Whites before, but when a sweet friend gave the bulbs to me as a Hanukkah gift, I was willing to give it a try. Thankfully, Padawan is a gardener and knew what to do.

It's not like I couldn't have figured it out for myself, of course. The gift came with four of the bulbs, compressed peat-type soil and a lovely pot to grow them in. Two of the four bulbs decided to grow and I ended up with some lovely white winter flowers gracing my kitchen table.

The sun is actually shining today, revealing all the smudges on the windows. I'm not complaining, though - sunshine just somehow lifts my mood. And a lifting of my mood is a good thing.

This winter has been pretty slammed with mind-bending situations causing me to grow and sacrifice like never before. The continuing situation with our friend Rose, who has colon cancer, is like a slow moving train - painfully coming to it's obvious conclusion. We have done our level best to make sure she has all the suppo…

A Few Favorites

We are a nation of consumers. We are always looking for the latest and greatest, new and improved products. There are some that like the old ways - have you heard their motto?
"Use it up, wear it out,make it do or do without"I really don't live by this motto, and don't begrudge those that do. But, personally, I like the newer stuff, the hi-tech improvements that make our lives easier and, let's face it, more fun.

As I am older now, I have settled into some products that are just favorites of mine...I'm sure you have, as well. And who doesn't enjoy hearing of the products your girlfriends have found that they think are way cool? Well, this girlfriend is sharing...

My favorite hi-tech thingy:
OK, I have two! I recently just acquired a HP Netbook with Windows 7 (Starter). This little wonder is absolutely the best! I really like the wide keyboard and it just too handy to take with me to class or on a road trip. When I'm home, I have it sitting on my craft des…

The Fine Art of Friendship

Some just don't know how to be a friend.

No, really. I know it may come as a surprise to some, but I know quite a few people that just don't have the whole 'friendship' thing down. It always leaves me baffled, no matter how many times I see it.

I strive to be a good friend, a loyal friend, a friend that is valued and trusted for the important things. I want to be there when people are hurting, I want to be honest and trustworthy...sought out for companionship. In my humble view, I would think most would want to be this way. Apparently, this is not the case. What usually ends up happening is that I pour much more care, effort, consideration, time and love into the relationship than what 'the friend' is willing to return. Does this happen to you, too?

I know, everyone has their limits;
"I'm willing to be a friend, but only so far."

"Yeah, we're long as it's fun."

"I'm only her friend as long as she agr…

The Way-Back Machine

This week, for some unexplained reason, is the week to post a pic of yourself as a child on facebook (you know, the social utility). After watching others post rather interesting retro pics of themselves, I caved and put one up myself. I found myself chuckling reading comments and grown-up conversations between seemingly very young children. Mind twisting, to be sure!

I rather like this photo; I was about three, I think. What is it about a photo that takes you right back to that time? The old feeling just washes over you, like your senses have indelibly recorded the environment and emotion of that particular moment in time. This particular photo reminds me of my mother, as she was with me (obviously) when this photo was taken. She was about twenty-three at the time, and very much looked like I do now (well, without the wrinkles, I suppose).

It also makes me think of my beloved grandmother of blessed memory. I can still hear her voice describing me as 'so precocious'. Ye…

Flat on my back

Well, it finally got me, the nasty flu bug. I'm hopeful that it is just a rumored 24-hour variety - rather violent, but short. I haven't been sick for real for such a long time, it is strange to have to rearrange my schedule to allow for me to lay in bed. And laying is all I have been doing up until the last half hour or so.

My sweet son Taylor has been keeping my mind somewhat occupied with ice chips and a constant marathon of Clone Wars episodes. And, thankfully, I recently installed a wireless router in the house, so at least I can get online for a bit from the comfort of my bed. Gosh, we live in such a time, don't we?

So, I'm hoping this bug has left my body, and all I have to do is recover my strength. It has almost been 24 hours, actually, so I'm optimistic tomorrow will be more normal. I'd hate to miss Ecclesiology class tomorrow just layin' around in bed.


Sometimes it just seem like things pile up, tough situations seem to multiply adding stress on top of anxiety. In those times of struggle, it is a good thing to remember in what you believe.
I believe in a G-d that is in control of all things and that He will provide a way through hard times and sticky situations.

I believe in good friends who seem to know just what to say and when.

I believe that someday my children will remember all the things I tried to teach them.

I believe that the sun will rise in the morning, even on days I don't get to see it and that summer will once again return.

I believe that all my steps are ordered by the Almighty.

I believe that the Holy Spirit will tell me when I've messed up, and if not directly, then through friends and sometimes foes.

I believe that I can learn something worthwhile from just about anything, even if it is different from what was intended.

I believe that the LORD gave me intelligence and abilities to help others, not to take pride in…

A Birthday Ramble

45. Hmmmm. Not sure how I feel about that.
It doesn't really matter what I think or feel about that, really...time continues to march forward even though I sometimes beg for it to slow down. Some moments I just want to savor beyond simply a memory, y'know?
I am still trying to figure out how to accept some things. The laugh lines that are not going away around my eyes and my drooping, well...everything. The weight that is just refusing to come off, the joints that are a little stiffer than I'd like and those gray hairs that keep multiplying. Do I sound like I'm complaining? How exactly does one age gracefully, anyway? I feel more like I'm kicking and screaming.

I could get real reflective and write about how wonderful this past year has been... or not. But, I really don't want to do that. My 44th year wasn't anything spectacular, in retrospect, but that's all relative, I suppose. I loved all the travel and trooping, and that I didn't get sick tha…

In Search of Wisdom, a pondering of Proverbs 1

The proverbs of Solomon the son of David, king of Israel:
To know wisdom and instruction,
To discern the sayings of understanding,
To receive instruction in wise behavior,
Righteousness, justice and equity;
To give prudence to the naive,
To the youth knowledge and discretion,
A wise man will hear and increase in learning,
And a man of understanding will acquire wise counsel,
To understand a proverb and a figure,
The words of the wise and their riddles.
The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge;
Fools despise wisdom and instruction.
~Proverbs 1:1-7
In looking again at Proverbs 1, I see the first 7 verses simply telling us how we can read and benefit from the vast wisdom of Solomon, that he was granted by the LORD.

But that begs the question, how are we "to know wisdom and instruction" when we hear it? It's great to have that as a goal, but how do we achieve that? Since Proverbs 22 states that "foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child...", and we w…