So, I have been actively blogging for quite a while now, and I'd like to think I've learned a few things about 'publishing' one's thoughts on the world stage. The first thing is that more people than you think actually read what you write...yeah. This is especially true if you care about the little things that make your blog a pleasure to read, such as spelling and grammar, and take pains to post your link on various social utilities (Facebook, Twitter). How else are folks going even see you on such a huge stage? There are millions and millions of blogs and websites out there in cyberspace, and if you want readers, you have to take a risk and step out there, baby!

Another thing is the ability to track your loyal, and not-so loyal, readers through Google Analytics. This is an amazing and powerful tool and worth your time to check out. By simply plugging in the necessary code onto your blog, you can let Google gather information for you, graphed and broken down to the proverbial gnats eyebrow.

But, even though you have readers, that certainly doesn't mean that they are going to comment. In fact, most do not. I find this fascinating, to be honest. I guess I must just have a lot to say, because I tend to comment more often than not. I suppose it depends upon the blog I'm reading; I certainly don't want to comment on a blog that may not be 'intended' for me...let me re-word that - I don't want to seem presumptuous and comment where I'm not invited. I read a good many blogs of authors I do not know and have no chance of ever meeting. I enjoy their blogs a great deal, but don't really want to freak them out by suddenly commenting on their blogs. One of those is Pastor Kip; an interesting and sometimes cynical blog about church culture from a 'former' pastor. I just don't feel comfortable commenting because I don't know him at all - just found him on the web. Having said that, though, I would be thrilled to have regular readers/followers that I have never met, as long as they're not creeps, of course.

Here is my latest blog find; an interesting rant about, what else? Blogging and pet peeves - two of my favorites! lol!

Yeah, I like blogging. It is equal parts bloviating, bragging, ranting, and sharing the family vacation slideshow that adds up to quite the unexpected therapy and entertainment for this middle-aged blog surfer.


Mama Cache said…
Hi! It's me again. Enjoying another stroll. ;-)

Ari C'rona said…
Well, you know that I love reading your blog - you have very worthwhile things to say, my friend! Gee, I think reading your blog is therapeutic... :o)
Nitrocat said…
I love your blogs...all of them. Even when I don't comment, know that I'm still reading.

The hardest thing I find about blogging is resisting the temptation to post drivel when I have nothing better to share. What is considered drivel is highly subjective. ;)

Jedi-J said…
I'll be honest I have no idea how to do anything with my blog. So I guess I'll skip on the code thing. Whoever wants to comment by all means speak up. I do.
Okiedokie! I love your blog, and have been reading for a LONG time, however, we have met, so I hope I'm not TOO creepy to comment from time to time!
Hendel D'bu said…
Ah, none of you are creepy...I was referring to real creeps :-P

Thanks for leaving your comments!