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A Prayer for a New Year

Listening to the shofar always makes me feel introspective. As it calls us all to righteousness, I can't help to look at my own actions and hope for the better. Boredom, cynicism and guilt all seem to crowd as I try to live each day to the full. However, in the end, my faith remains.

I pray to the Creator of the Universe to have mercy upon me and my family and friends, the loved ones and the not-so loved ones, casual acquaintances, servants and helpers, strangers, children and elderly. We all need the mercy of the Almighty One.

I pray that I fulfill all that I have committed; somehow LORD, make that happen despite my failures.

I pray that all the souls that come across my path see Your Light. My heart aches to make those feel wanted and needed in some way, even if it's small.

I pray for all those in leadership positions, be it large or small. You hold them to a higher standard, so I plead that You give wisdom, maturity and compassion to those you have put in positions o…

Open letter to clothing buyers and manufacturers

Dear Apparel Designers, Manufacturers and Store Buyers,

I am a middle-aged, average sized American woman. I don't mean to shock anyone, but I like to look nice and dress my age. However, it would seem that this is one of the most frustrating and depressing aspects of my daily life due to the fact that I cannot seem to find clothing that both fits and looks aesthetically appealing. Below, I have listed some of my opinions in hopes that it will help assist in your design, manufacture and buying choices.

First and foremost, I want to scream at the top of my lungs, "NO ONE LIKES OR LOOKS GOOD IN STRETCH JEANS!" (there...I feel much better now.)

I don't want to look pregnant in any way, and either does anyone else who is not currently pregnant.

Thin, stretch polyester clings to every bump, roll and wrinkle (not sure if you were aware of this fact).

I don't like to try on 10 pairs of jeans and not have even one pair fit; either the waist is cut for a pregnant woman and/…

for all my friends who are letterboxers - Debriefing L&B

It's my turn to put the factoids and memories of the We Live & Breathe Letterboxing event into print. This event was, without a doubt, THE event of the year in letterboxing circles. The 10th anniversary of letterboxing in the PNW with the gentleman who was responsible for starting it all for us here, Der Mad Stamper. It was a huge undertaking, but done with grace and efficiency by the fabulous event committee. Many, many, many thanks and hugs of appreciation are due to Camp Fire Lady, Marmalade, Buppsters, Der Mad Stamper, Raqs Enigma & Rad Rhymer - y'all ROCK!

Rollin' into town late Saturday afternoon and hurrying to dress for the Masquerade.

"Gosh, can I breathe with this Jedi belt on?"

"Oh look, here come the Jedi!"

"Can I take your picture?"

"Is that Wassa? What the, I don't want to shake his hand!" (he was dressed as a giant pair of boxing shorts and offering his hand through the fly!

Camp Fire Lady's …

Me me me me me me...

As of late, I have been confronted with more selfishness than I would like to admit, both on the part of myself and others. It makes me think that either I need to get over it or 'go home and rethink my life'. I simply don't understand this horrible trait of us all to be so self-centered...self-absorbed, really. I have heard it called the 'me-generation', but that was soooo long ago (probably many generations ago! lol!). It is a joke, really..."it's all about ME! Me, me, me, me, me!" *insert laugh track here*

Television sitcoms are so painful to watch because it's all about someone being selfish, lying or manipulating those that they care about at the start of the show, then deciding to be a good person at the end - all within 15 minutes of airtime. It makes me want to gag; who watches those shows? I do think they are harmful to our society, as it creates an environment that says the 'pretty' people, (or those that are supposed to l…