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Jedi Spare Time

Do Jedi have spare time? Well, of course they do - how else would they have time for meditating, studying and sparring? Or perhaps they spend that time to make another set of tabbards for an upcoming mission...

Today, while Padawan and I were stopping into JoAnn's for some extra thick craft foam, we not only ran into some dear friends from shul, but we also discovered some really cool fabric. It is a 100 percent poly, distressed and sueded moleskin. It looked a lot like distressed leather and in was in a lovely brown...yes, brown! Somehow this fabric had to go home with me.

What do you think?

this angle shows the distressed effect - looks like leather, huh?

It jazzes up my rather plain brown tunic nicely. *smile* We also found a great black chenille jacquard robe/cape fabric that would work wonderfully for a Barriss Offee costume. It was rather heavy and kind of expensive for the amount that I would need. Haven't truly committed to creating that costume yet, though.



Oh yeah!

Sittin' on the rail

Snapshot & Lena

This is the last weekend of camp and Morgan requested my attendance at the last rodeo of summer. It was a sweet rodeo featuring the day-campers ranging in age from about 6 to 12 years old. The campers got to show their parents what they had been working on during the camp week, which included a gunny sack race with the horses and a ropin' race. The wranglers got to strut their stuff, as well, gettin' it on with a barrel race. Then everybody got to dance the Cotton-Eye Joe!

I cannot believe how many pictures I took, and to be honest, I'm too embarrassed to say. Lucky for you, I didn't include them all in the slideshow!

So, let's rodeo!

Little Details

(actual sizes - the silver is 1.25", the copper .75")

There is nothing more exciting for a paper-crafter than to wander through our local premier paper, stamp & ink store, Impress. We just love that store with it's unique paper offerings, tons of stamps and card ideas, embellishments galore and, my favorite, ink in every color you can imagine. Yesterday, I splurged on Provincial Grey and Sand lovely.

Anyway, we found these metal medallions in amongst all the embellishments and stuff. Very cool and perfect for our favorite mandala, the Council Floor. Our first attempt was a complete failure. We printed out the design on plain paper, then cut them to size and added the paper glaze...too much paper glaze, actually. Unfortunately, the ink ran horribly and the paper warped; they just looked terrible.

*scrape, scrape, scrape*

Attempt number two seems to be successful, although there are a couple of air bubbles...hardly noticeable, in my view. I printed the d…

Photo of the Day

I finally got the frog shot I was hopin' for this summer. *smile*

Our History with Saber Forge

UPDATE, April 19, 2012: we purchased new sabers from Ultra Saber LLC. To see a review, go HERE.
* * *
Saber Forge's Ambassador saber hilt
This post is to document and record the history of our experience with a company called Saber Forge. I would like this information to serve as information and perhaps a warning to all that are interested in purchasing a machined lightsaber, and/or are considering Saber Forge.

Saber Forge makes and sells lightsabers to be used as props with Star Wars costumes. When we started looking to purchase lightsabers that had the ability to light, Lisa posted for information on the Rebel Legion website. She was contacted by Mr. Phil Isherwood, owner of SaberForge.

Saber Forge

It is most unfortunate that we have had problems with the sabers. I love the hilt, to be honest, and felt that we got what we paid for; however, the lingering problems and now the complete lack of customer service is most troubling.

[We were so excited about purchasing these blades…

Troopin' the Comics Dungeon

Now, how can you not think that is cool?? OK, so I'm a little partial to clones. I was very excited to meet Matt in his clone 'kit'...pretty awesome!

Padawan and I made our way to the Wallingford district in Seattle today to hang out with some of the finest from the 501st along with our friend Chuck, who is an awesome Rebel Fleet Trooper. We waved at cars, posed for tons of pics, laughed at lots of Star Wars jokes and quotes and had a terrific time at the Comics Dungeon. Scott, the owner, treated us to pizza and cold water, which was greatly appreciated!

I just doesn't get better than spending time with fellow Star Wars costumers on a sunny summer day in Seattle. Oh, and the Dick's milkshakes were pretty good, too!

I just don't know.

What would you like to do?

"I don't know."

Where would you like to eat?

"I don't care."

What's going on?

"I have no idea."I am beginning to hate these responses. There has to be a more intelligent answer to questions such as these...please?

Having three kids now past the age of 10, you can imagine that I hear these words quite frequently. Sometimes, it is warranted, yes. They really don't know where my keys got to, or who had my cell phone last. OK, I'll give that to them. But, wouldn't a better answer be, "Gosh Mom, I haven't seen your keys, but I'd be happy to help you look for them." *sigh*

There is more to it, though. I think when people say "I don't know" or more especially "I don't care", they are really ducking out of the decision-making process. They are making the other person make the decision for both of them. Unfortunately, this leaves the decision maker holding the bag, o…

An unwelcome new trend

Have you noticed this trend recently? Young people, yes I said young people, loitering in parking lots and outside fast food establishments and grocery stores begging money. Always with the heart-wrenching story of being stranded and just needing a buck for bus fare. Akin to the intersection beggars with the cardboard signs, but a little more unsettling. At least the intersection beggars aren't talking to you directly.

Within the last month, I bet I've been approached at least a handful of times. This is new for me, and I find this trend disturbing. I remember when I was in junior high school, fellow students would try to bum a quarter off of you just to buy a bag of Doritos or some candy. This begging in parking lots seems a little more extreme than that. It has been young men and woman, some dirty and homeless appearing, some not, but all are pretty believable.

Yesterday it was two young guys outside of the Taco Time asking for a buck for the bus. When we mentioned it…

Photo of the Day: Tumwater Falls Park

Just a walk-about in an unexplored park on a summer evening.

How nice. *smile*

Happy 11th Birthday, Taylor Ford!

How can you thank G-d enough for the blessing of a child?

It was eleven years today that Rob and I were blessed with Taylor joining our family.

Happy Birthday, Taylor!

Baruch HaShem!

Gotta Have Tabbards!

So, what exactly is a tabbard? When talking about a Jedi costume, the tabbards are the sashes that drape the shoulders and are secured at the waist with a sash, or obi. The costume consists of an undertunic, overtunic, tabbards and obi, all topped off with the utility belt (not to mention the pants & boots).

Today, Padawan and I spent the better part of the day constructing a new vest (overtunic), tabbards and obi for her costume. We are hoping to be hand-picked to troop the Star Wars in Concert event taking place in Seattle on October 13th. Ari's costume was lacking the tabbards for various reasons, but it was suggested, by good authority, that she definitely needed tabbards for this high-profile event. So, we made tabbards!

Here's a few pics from the day. A little sewing, a little ripping, some furry companions, a Star Wars movie or two and a lot of laughing and philosophizing...what a great day!

Jeddy looks on as we lay out the pattern pieces.

Ari cuts...and cuts, an…

Photo of the Day: A Portrait

Morgan and I pose for a pic while she was home from camp this weekend.

We had a nice time together this Sunday afternoon. Morgan, Taylor and I had a leisurely morning, decided to go catch the delightful movie 'UP' before it left the theaters, and then had a rather rushed dinner at Shari's before returning Morgan to camp.

Just two more weeks and summer will be officially over. *sigh*

A Lesson in Gratitude

In doing a little bit of pokin' around the internet this afternoon, I came across this article written back in '07 by Elizabeth Mayhew for the Today show. Now, I'm not a fan of that particular morning show at this point in my life, but the contents of this article are worth reading. We all know it, but it is always good to refresh our memories as we think about coming into the fall and winter festivals and holidays.
How To Say Thank You in a Note

There is no question that the thank you note has gone the way of the 8-track tape — it’s a relic of a time gone by. More and more people rely on cell phones, email, and text messaging to communicate and acknowledge their appreciation — this is totally unacceptable. Thank you notes should take some time and thought. After all didn’t the gift giver spend more than a couple of minutes buying a gift for you? Don’t underestimate the power of a proper hand-written thank you note. The act of sitting down with pen in hand (that’s right a …

Photo of the Morning: Fresh Snow

The sky is clear over my house this morning, but not for long. I can see the next front heading our way from the west, but for the moment, I'm enjoying the sunshine.

As another installment of "the mountain is different everyday" series, this morning you can clearly see new snow gracing the top of Rainier. For those that are interested, the current snow level is 8,000 feet, and at the popular Paradise lodge (elev. 5,420 ft) it is a brisk 48*. At 14,411 ft., otherwise known as the summit, it is a balmy 10*.

I wonder if the snow on the trails around Paradise ever melted this year...

Photo of the Day: A Little Green Friend

Flea, Fly, Fog and Frog

If a fly met a flea who sat in the fog
then flew to a frog who sat on a log
what would he say of the flea in the fog
to the frog who liked to sit on the log

Perhaps he’d say nothing,
perhaps much more.
Perhaps he would say
that the flea was a bore!

Or maybe he’d say that the flea in the fog
could fly in the sky all around the big log

But the frog would frown and tell the fly
“A flea cannot fly.
They simply do not!
Why would you say that!
Or have you forgot? ”

The fly would say “Yes, frog, you are right,
the flea did not fly but he sure was a sight! ”

“He jumped off the log and went up in the sky.
He jumped off the log and went very, very high! ”

“The whole time he laughed and clapped his feet.
Then he did it again, in the hot summer heat! ”

“Frog, I tell you, this time it’s true.
He really did do this; I mean it, I do! ”

Frog just croaked and closed his eyes
He thought fly was just telling more lies
But, just then Flea bounced over frog
Out of the grass and onto the log

frog and flea exch…

Just Listen

Summer rain sounds so different from winter rain. The drops hitting the leaves is so soothing and gentle compared to winter rain that is more pounding and usually accompanied by a mean wind making the tall firs creak and moan. I've heard it said that if we could hear all the new foliage breaking forth in the spring, it would be deafening.

We have so many sounds around us, especially in the city, that we miss so much. We learn to tune things out. We even go so far to put little speakers in our ears in an effort to control what we hear. When was the last time we actually stopped to listen?

I like to stay up long after my family is well asleep and just listen to the sounds of the house. The clock ticking, the fridge running, the muffled sounds of sleepers. Quiet.

I like to listen when I'm on a trail, too. If you just stop and close your eyes, there is a lot of sound. A creek by the trail swooshing, the animals scurrying under the protective leaves, drops of water fallin…

Photo of the Day: Sneakin' Away

just me, my camera and the empty mom-mobile...sneakin' away!

What it feels like here in the PNW in August: it's hangin' around the low 70's and mostly overcast, it's pretty humid and lush green, and the trail was scantly wet from last nights light rain. I snuck away for the day to plant a couple of letterboxes, and to find a couple, too. Come along and see what I saw...

Special thanks to my Padawan for putting up with me - I love you.

Livin' Out Loud

"Liz, you always amaze me when you's so loud!" she said, mimicking clutching her ear as when she hears me laugh, "I could hear you way out in the parking lot!"


All my life people have jabbed me for my laugh. I admit, it is carefree and loud, especially if whatever made me laugh is particularly funny to me. I like to laugh, and do it with abandon. Why not?

When I was much younger, in school, teachers would make mention of it. My first grade teacher called me 'Giggles' as a nickname; apparently she found a way to address my laughing in a more constructive manner than complaining. It's not that I laugh at everything by any means. I know people that laugh out of nervousness or just being plain silly, but that's not the case with me.

I definitely attract attention when I laugh, and whoever I'm with typically is laughing, loudly I might add, with me. People not in on the conversation typically will call out, "hey, keep it…

A Date with Tay

photo credit: Morgan Henderson

My oldest daughter, my only daughter, is at camp. Still. 10 weeks doesn't sound like a long time, but it seems like a lifetime.

My son, my oldest son and second in the line-up, is enjoying spending time with his mountain-biking friends, which always seems to include a 'spend the night' event. Two down, one left.

That leaves my Tay. He is almost 11 years old and quite a character. As he gets older, we are quickly realizing that he is the spitting-image of my own father. My mom says that my dad looked just like that when he was that age and then at some point just 'shot up' and was tall and broad-shouldered, just like his father. I can easily see this happening.

Anyway, yesterday, as we dropped off Alex (the bike rider) for his bi-weekly ride with friends, Tay and I had plans; candy-stop, movie and that order. So, after the candy run to the local WalMart, which included the obligatory 'movie purse' purchase since…

The Diplomat

So...I think I resemble that remark! lol!

I always say that you can say anything you want, as long as you say it the right way.

Photo credit belongs to my Padawan for this photo. Great shot!

Photo of the Day: Just Beachy

We are most fortunate to be able to visit the coast. In just a couple of short hours, we can feel the wind whip through our hair, get sand between our toes and collect the most interesting pocket treasures. We certainly don't take it for granted.

Everytime I find myself at the beach, I see something different and new. You wouldn't think that since I've spent a good amount of time absorbing the Washington coast. This time we saw a type of seagull that I have never seen before...grey and smaller than our standard Western gulls.

The sand was still warm from our recent heat wave, but the water was not! Pleasant enough for the boys to get their feet wet and for me to slip off my Sketchers. And even though the sun was taking a hiatus, we thoroughly enjoyed our time walking along the waterline, picking up rocks that resembled watermelon seeds, snapping pics like we knew what we were doing and watching the boys make the flocks of birds settled on the sand take flight.

It was a …

The East Side

I love a road trip!

This one was I-90 from the west side to the east, crossing the Cascades and driving through acres and acres of farmland, finally ending up in beautiful Spokane.

Here's some information on some of the places featured in the photos:

The Palouse is a region of the northwestern United States, encompassing parts of eastern Washington, northern Idaho and, in some definitions, extending south into northeast Oregon. It is a major wheat-producing agricultural area. Situated about 160 miles north of the Oregon Trail, the region experienced rapid growth in the late 19th century, for a brief time surpassing the population of the Puget Sound region of Washington.

Riverfront Park was the host of the 1974 World's Fair. All the pavilions still exist, and the park itself is beautifully maintained. The Clock Tower anchors Riverfront Park. Built in 1902 as part of the Great Northern Railroad Station it now stands as an icon of Spokane.

Spokane Courthouse - Worth a visit. This i…


Hendel D'bu incognito...
I got to bring home a special souvenir from the Spokane 501st!

Well, actually I don't have much to say. I feel that this convention was poorly organized despite the best efforts of the convention committee. I hope they get it together for next year. I really think they will have to do some fancy dancing to convince con-goers, dealers and special guests to be a part.

Having said that, my Padawan and I had a wonderful time! Hanging out with the 501st is always a treat, but this weekend it was especially so. Spokane was sparkling in all her beauty and it was a thrill, as always, to be Jedi for the weekend.

Here's some pics of our time in Spokane...