Photo of the Day: A Little Green Friend

Flea, Fly, Fog and Frog

If a fly met a flea who sat in the fog
then flew to a frog who sat on a log
what would he say of the flea in the fog
to the frog who liked to sit on the log

Perhaps he’d say nothing,
perhaps much more.
Perhaps he would say
that the flea was a bore!

Or maybe he’d say that the flea in the fog
could fly in the sky all around the big log

But the frog would frown and tell the fly
“A flea cannot fly.
They simply do not!
Why would you say that!
Or have you forgot? ”

The fly would say “Yes, frog, you are right,
the flea did not fly but he sure was a sight! ”

“He jumped off the log and went up in the sky.
He jumped off the log and went very, very high! ”

“The whole time he laughed and clapped his feet.
Then he did it again, in the hot summer heat! ”

“Frog, I tell you, this time it’s true.
He really did do this; I mean it, I do! ”

Frog just croaked and closed his eyes
He thought fly was just telling more lies
But, just then Flea bounced over frog
Out of the grass and onto the log

frog and flea exchanged a few words
and fly was happy to see
that they’d all be friends from here on in
him, and frog and flea

So, that’s what the fly would say to the frog
if a fly met a flea that did not fly in fog.

~Nicole Zimmer