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A wise man said to me last year, "Oh Liz, don't you know that something like 95% of folks that make New Years resolutions don't keep them?" I quickly retorted that I, for one, was going to keep mine. It was a fairly easy one, so I thought it would not prove too difficult and besides, I wanted to prove my friend wrong.

Well, I failed, and he was least about me. :-)

So, since I didn't do too well last year, I thought of some resolutions that would be easier to keep... you know, fail-proof. How about some of these:

This year I'm only going to eat when I see something I want to eat. Hey, that's easy enough, right? So much for weight loss...

This year I am not going to make any bad puns and pretend they are funny. Especially in public.

This year I am not going to get a tatoo. *shrug* No problems, there!

This year I am not going to honk at anyone in my car unless it is truly an emergency. (ha! fat

I suppose most folks make the same resolu…

It's hard to be Jewish at Christmas

Did you know that quite a few folks do not celebrate this designated birthday of Jesus? For those of us that don't, making it through this time of year can be quite a harrowing experience.
I don't want to split hairs, but I'd have to say that at least 80 percent of the folks out buying gifts for others do not attend church. Doctrinal differences aside, can I ask why Christmas is so secular? It's supposed to be a "holy-day", isn't it? It amazes me that so many pay homage to a fat man in a red suit & beard and his reindeer with an electronically glowing nose.

I think the worst part for me is the music; we are all subjected to the same crappy music year after year. None of it is original, as every singing entity must put their own stamp of approval on the Christmas 'standards'. From Harry Connick Jr. to Barbara Streisand to the Chipmunks... aaaaaaaaaaaaah! Can I just say that if I hear 'Feliz Navidad' one more time (by that artist th…

Everyone's entitled to my opinion!

Well, that title is definitely sure to capture your attention, huh?

Contrary to popular belief, I do not believe that everyone is entitled to my opinion. However, when asked, I will gladly give it! I have not posted a blog for a bit, due to sheer busy-ness, but I realized (while in the shower) that I have a few thoughts poppin' around in my head. Since the year is coming to a close, it is a good time for introspection and re-adjustment.

I don't know about others, but the shower seems to be my best thinking place. By merely shouting out, "I'm gettin' in the shower!", I get about a half an hour of time with my own thoughts. I have complete privacy by simply pulling the shower curtain closed. A private place to talk to my Master, to let out emotions that I have been denying myself. No body can hear you have a good cry in the shower, and that's a good thing.

Much to my amazement, this year, I have admitted that I have a best friend. Probably the best fr…


During this season of hectic shopping and blaring advertisement, I am struck by the arrogance of us all. For me, it does not matter what season it is, I always must be kind and considerate to whose paths I cross. It really doesn't matter what their skin color, their religious preferences (or lack thereof), their marital status or their gender; I am convicted to show respect to another living person.

However, I find in myself this darkness; a tendency to believe that I know best, and that my beliefs are the most right. That I have more of a right to be 'right' than the next guy, who may be a Muslim or a Morman. That I am more righteous if I wear my tzitzit longer or with the proper colored threads, or pray more times during the day than the next. That somehow the G-d of the Universe will grant me more favor because of the fact that I study Hebrew or touched the mezuzah more times in one day than others. Does this line up with the straight stick of Scripture?


All About Me (aka Hey! It's my blog!!)

As part of a letterboxing project, I was required to come up with 100 facts about myself. Being that everyone likes to talk about themselves, I did not find it hard to come up with 100 facts. It was fun, actually! So, I thought it would be interesting to post it here.

Give it a try... it's fun!
1. My full name is Elizabeth Jean Jones Markussen Henderson.
2. I have a few nicknames, but only a select few can call me Lizzie.
3. I was born January 1965; the year that President Johnson signed the Social Security Act into law, establishing Medicare and Medicaid, and the 630-foot-tall Gateway Arch in St. Louis is completed.
4. I used to be able to take Gregg Shorthand at around a 100 words per minute and could type almost as fast.
5. I graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School in 1983; the same year that the compact disc was introduced for recorded music and Dallas was the most popular TV show.
6. I have green eyes, dark blonde hair and am almost 5'6" tall. I will not…