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Pass me the mike...

Well, the storm seems to have passed over. A few sweet rays of sunlight are trying to peek through the clouds causing a lovely, albeit faint, rainbow to appear against the receding dark clouds. Yeah, take a deep breath of that clean, fresh air...


Passover has officially 'passed over'. The seder last night was a sweet success. Oh no, it was far from perfect, but I still count it as a win. I completely lost my voice the day prior, so leading was a bit of a challenge (that's where the microphone came in handy). The ever-changing guest list had Morgan hoppin' trying to make sure everyone was seated appropriately and the chicken was a little on the dry side...but what's new? For the forty-ish beautiful souls that gathered together to celebrate the freedom that Passover so elegantly remembers, it was warm friendships and comfortable conversations all around. I can't ask for more than that.

The choreography I created for the passion play (at my former …


Yeah, I knew it would be stormy and rough. When I agreed to extra tasks, I knew it would be busier than usual, this is true. But, I thought I could handle it. I am...sorta.

Passover is, surprisingly, the least of my worries. We have hosted a large seder now for a few years and feel pretty confident that most of the kinks are worked out. My house will be chameitz-free when it needs to be, we have a good but low-maintenance menu, loving friends are pitchin' in to help and it's all going to come together beautifully. Yeah, the least of my worries.

My little foray back into the church is interesting. They expect so much out of their volunteers. Just slamming through the passion play/production back-to-back left me without a voice and feeling less than valuable. How in the world am I going to do four in a row? I am so spoiled with my own community of loved ones that care and want to hang out together - friendships based in reality and time. The contrast with these that are…

Video Review: Power Yoga

If you are a somewhat regular reader of this blog, you probably know that I am a Rodney Yee fan. Dubbed 'America's Favorite Yoga Instructor', I really like his clear and concise teaching style. However, I'm sorry to say that I'm not crazy about the newest addition to my yoga DVD collection.

Power Yoga Total Body is very repetitious, repeating the sun salutation (mountain, forward bend, plank, upward dog, then downward dog) throughout, building on the routine adding in harder and more advanced moves as you progress through the 60 minute workout. And this is a workout, to be sure. Unfortunately, I much prefer the feel of a yoga 'practice' rather than a yoga 'workout'.

I have been practicing yoga diligently for over a year now, but I only made it though half of this program before abandoning the instruction for my own preferences. I am not pleased to say that I felt less than successful with this offering, not something I usually feel when practic…

Lessons from the Infusion Room

Before Padawan and I were assigned to the on-going mission of caring for the needs of our friend Rose, I was completely ignorant of all things related to cancer. Oh sure, both my grandmothers were afflicted with the consuming disease, as well as several dear friends of our family. However, the extent of my knowledge was that cancer is, as my father calls it, "the big C"...basically a death sentence.

Interestingly enough, my maternal grandmother had colon cancer - which is what Rose is battling. She was able to have surgery and radiation which managed to put her into remission for a whopping 15 years. Definitely a testament to early diagnosis and treatment. She actually did not die of cancer, but of old age.

My paternal grandmother suffered with mouth cancer, which was such a shame. She had always said she wanted to live to be 100 years old. She had a zest for life that I have inherited, I'm happy to say. She was always doing something; creating, laughing, talking…

How feel you?

"How feel you?"

"Cold, sir."

I'm very, very sad about my friend Rose. Her decisions concerning the cancer that is consuming her have brought her to a place I've never seen - it makes my heart hurt. *heavy sigh*

I'm tired of political posturing by both those in high office and those that surround me. I have a very low tolerance for rude behavior and injustice and honestly, my frustration level is very high.

I'm well pleased with how the trooping went this past weekend, and was thrilled with being able to spend time with people I enjoy in a different venue than the norm. I cannot describe how I feel when I dress as a Jedi - just love it.

Parenting and homeschooling three teens is difficult - that's all I'm gonna say about that. Actually, marriage is harder.

I'm forty-five, feeling rather dumpy and always cold. Still trying, without much success, to figure out how to age gracefully.

Truthfully, I'm tired - but I know it's all m…

Walk-About the Emerald City ComiCon

Hendel D'bu & Ari C'rona, Jedi Knights

I'd like to tell you all about Emerald City ComiCon, but really, no words can describe what pictures can well accomplish. So, without further ado, a walk-about the Emerald City ComiCon 2010, featuring the 501st and Rebel Legions of premier Star Wars costumers...

Click here for the album in Fotki

The Force was definitely with us!

(videos courtesy of Master Toz - thanks Chuck!)

Feelin' rather famous?

"People put you on a pedestal when you become famous, in their eyes, or if they really respect your work, they might put you on a pedestal..." ~Herbie Hancock
In the circles I travel, I have built a reputation. Not by accident, I might add, but by careful attention to being a kind, generous and helpful friend and by sharing my knowledge, work and talent. This has not been a fabrication, as I make every effort, striving, to be friendly to those that cross my path. I have made and met commitments, sometimes beyond what others would consider doable, and have kept my word diligently. I have been driven to befriend the not-so-popular and champion their cause, finding time and energy to make them feel justified outside the norm, to be sure. To this end, I think I have crafted an image. Unfortunately, it may be an image that lacks a certain amount of humanness, weakness or reality.

“A pedestal is as much a prison as any small, confined space.” ~Gloria Steinem
It just keeps comin…

Book Review: Clone Wars Gambit - Stealth

So, the long-awaited next story from my favorite author has hit the shelves. And, stang...what a ride!

I thoroughly and completely enjoyed Ms. Miller's character development. It is obvious to me that she has a vested interest in the characters she portrays, as their personalities are believable, complex and spot-on. Just what I expected from her, after reading Wild Space (which I highly recommend, by the way). The interchanges between Obi-Wan and Anakin give a great deal more insight to their relationship than we have previously seen. We are privileged to partake in Obi-Wan's struggle to keep things focused and in line with Jedi philosophy and mission, while at the same time dealing with Anakin, who tends to be impulsive and emotional. Oh yes, he is extraordinary, alright! Excellent writing takes you right into the thoughts and feelings of these two characters as I have never seen in any other Star Wars book.

The situations that Obi-Wan and Anakin, as well as the other ch…

It's Just my Opinion

I enjoy blogging. It gives me the opportunity and platform to speak my mind, talk about pet peeves, vent about difficult situations in my life and postulate on subjects that folks just don't talk about casually. I like saying the hard things, even if only to myself. As a matter of fact, I started blogging for my own edification - I really didn't ever think anyone would be interested in what I had to say, much less check my blog daily to see if I had posted anything.

It has been a wonderful release of creative energy and thoughts that would have been stifled otherwise. And I spend time reading the blogs of friends and even those I don't know, learning and growing in the process. Yeah, I enjoy blogging; it's a wonderful outcome of the birth of the internet, in my view.

However, much like any other print media, I don't like everything I read. Sometimes, what is written is irritating, insulting or just plain wrong. And, y'know what? I'm OK with that. I …


Silence, at last.

The ticking of the clock is so loud in the quiet.

Silence is thick, invasive, but yet freeing somehow.

Thoughts become animated, insistent, pressing.

A jumble thrown into the air, fluttering in slow motion downward into my hands.

I pick up each in my mind and turn it over to examine closer. Does it have texture? What emotions are attached? Is it important? Do I need it?

In the clarity of silence, without emotion, thoughts are examined, judged, placed in order, assigned action or even discarded.

In the center, in the calm of inner self, I commune with the Spirit. His words fill my every cell with life, with breath, with purpose.

He says, "I am with you."

And with an exhalation, silence.


Secrets can be destructive.

I've witnessed too many situations where, if secrets had been revealed, things would have turned out much differently, more favorable for all involved. Granted, there are some secrets that need to stay hidden, but as a general rule, I dislike secrets. Especially between friends and family.

The Lifestyle Secret
I like not having anything to hide, at least I like to say so. There was a time in my life when I had to be looking over my shoulder, watching what I said for fear of disclosure and keeping tabs on fabrications. Living in the shadows, sneaking around and living a double life is no life at all, I can assure you. Wisely, there also came a time when I decided, "no more" and walked away - away from the lies, the darkness, the persona. I'm not even completely sure how it all came about that way, but I know I don't have to say that life is so much simpler when you have nothing to hide - no secrets.

The Political Secret

In the Eye of the Storm

Hurricanes, twisting, blowing, wet monsters, ripping into shore with an unpredictable force, leaving devastation in their wake.

Sometimes my mind reminds me of a hurricane...except the devastation part, of course. A whipping tornado of a storm that jerks from one path to the next in a frenzy of activity. OK, so I'm a little more controlled and organized than that, but inside my head, it feels like a storm.

Thankfully, we passed the Purim celebration on a successful note. I am happy to report that it went off without a hitch. Not every festival can boast of that, to be honest. I'd say the only thing that was out of sync was the wrong music in the boom box for the cookie walk - minor, to be sure, and easily remedied. And, I'm proud to say that I have filed the 'lessons learned' in the appropriate folders for both Tu b'Shvatand Purim; to the uninitiated, this is a worthy accomplishment and will be most helpful next year at right about this time.

Next is Passov…