Pass me the mike...

Well, the storm seems to have passed over. A few sweet rays of sunlight are trying to peek through the clouds causing a lovely, albeit faint, rainbow to appear against the receding dark clouds. Yeah, take a deep breath of that clean, fresh air...


Passover has officially 'passed over'. The seder last night was a sweet success. Oh no, it was far from perfect, but I still count it as a win. I completely lost my voice the day prior, so leading was a bit of a challenge (that's where the microphone came in handy). The ever-changing guest list had Morgan hoppin' trying to make sure everyone was seated appropriately and the chicken was a little on the dry side...but what's new? For the forty-ish beautiful souls that gathered together to celebrate the freedom that Passover so elegantly remembers, it was warm friendships and comfortable conversations all around. I can't ask for more than that.

The choreography I created for the passion play (at my former church) also gets the 'success' stamp. Unfortunately, without much of a voice I couldn't add much to the choir (I started with some voice and ended with none). It's alright though; it was still quite a thrill to once again be a part of a large stage production. I reconnected with some old friends and was honored to make some new ones, as well. I am told that people were touched with the performances, so that makes it all worth it for me. Not too sure if I will say 'yes' next year, but Morgan sure would! She also danced in this year's performances, made new friends and really enjoyed herself. I guess time will tell - no need to make that decision now, that's for sure.

Which leaves the last major storm cloud - my dear friend Rose. She is having a long-dreaded surgery tomorrow, and is suffering quite a bit of constant pain. That horrid cancer is spreading through her like wildfire and there is no way to stop it. I pray that the surgery goes well and that it will eliminate some of the stress and complications of her care. So this part of the storm lingers, but I am willing to stand firm beside her, along with my beloved Padawan, as we weather whatever comes.

I'm hopeful that what is coming is sunshine! Our road trip kicks off in fifty days, G-d willing, and we have saved this time for our planning and packing. I'm so looking forward to hitting the road, I can just taste it! In the short term, Norwescon (the annual sci-fi and fantasy convention) is this coming weekend and we are in dire need of a Jedi fix after this past couple of weeks. Can't wait!

So, pass me the mike, I have a praise report!

"Praise the LORD! He saw fit to bless our seder this year, to answer prayers with mercy and grace and has given us the strength to see our commitments through to conclusion. We could have done none of those things without His power and approval. He even granted us rain - oh so much stormy rain! May His Name be glorified!"


Ari C'rona said…
Amein and amein, my friend! I've been so honored to stand beside you and hovering in the background through these last several weeks.

I love you. :o)
Mama Cache said…
I am so thankful to hear that the hurricane's inevitable winds have passed.

Tomorrow, I will join the rest of you in prayer for Rose. She is blessed to have you and Lisa so near during this most difficult season.
Jedi-J said…
I'm going to nickname you Stonewall Dbu. You are the foundation that holds it all together! Amen