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Is blogging dead? Not for me.

I have had this blog since 2007. At one time I had a handful of blogs, each with a different focus, and gave them all quite a bit of love and attention for years. Contrary to rumor, I never had much readership, and frankly, I was OK with that. I was getting to write and self-publish about what was important to me. I wasn't seeking to influence great swaths of the population. But, as my writing time was diverted from pithy blog posts to essays and research papers with deadlines, my posting fell. Last year, I actually deleted a couple of my blogs that were no longer useful to me, and have really let the dust collect on several others.

All of that history is fine, really. I was never seeking an income from my blogging activities - I really just wanted a place to say what I felt needed to be said, to record life, and to write. And, from my perspective, wasn't that what blogging was all about in the first place? The answer to that question is yes, as the actual word blog is short …

A Christmas Complaint.

[Warning: Christmas Day Rant]

I really try not to hate Christmas. Really, I do.

I would never want to begrudge another's festivities, especially if it is a meaningful and purposeful religious holiday. Or even if it is just a nice tradition for a family get-together. Whatever. I truly want to live and let live, to not judge another's choices, and to embody sympathetic joy for their happiness. BUT, I cannot help hating this holiday. Not because it is a Christian holiday, but because it seeps into absolutely everything. It is not a day, or even two - it is at least a two month slog where every restaurant, business, and office building has to have its own Christmas tree and repetitive holiday music.

Further, it bothers me that the religious festival that celebrates the birth of Christ has been co-opted for other purposes, namely marketing. Now, church attendance is just another thing to check off the do-list alongside the long list of presents to buy and wrap, pictures with Santa…

Grateful Friday, 2017 edition.

Image's raining. Not so surprising for late December in the Pacific Northwest. But, it is grey and a little difficult to keep the spirits and energy up without a little push. Sounds like I need some gratitude.

To turn this around, I am grateful for rain. There, that's a good way to start. Without rain we couldn't have the oceans, lakes, and rivers that are so beautiful and healing for the soul. Without rain, none of us, including the animals and plants, wouldn't be here. So, I am most grateful. I especially like to be in our cozy little house by the ocean when it is stormy. Yes, I like that quite a lot.

I am grateful for our little town of Ocean Shores. I love not having to leave. I really enjoy living in a resort town, and that we are so close to a number of beaches and natural areas - most especially the one right out my office window. The wildlife is amazing to watch, and I am grateful for the seasonal migratory ducks, the songbirds, the river otters, the fish,…