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The Annual Thanksgiving Blog

OK, so y'all know that Thanksgiving is not my favorite holiday. Don't stone me, it's no biggie...I just dislike holidays centered around food, that's all. However, I do appreciate the sentiment of the holiday - giving thanks. I'm not so 'spiritual' about the pilgrims and indians and all that, but giving proper thanks for all the good things that Adonai has given us is important.

I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart;
I will recount all of Your wonderful deeds. (Ps. 9:1)

The one who offers thanksgiving as his sacrifice glorifies Me;
to one who orders his way rightly
I will show the salvation of God!" (Ps. 50:23)

Enter His gates with thanksgiving,
and His courts with praise!
Give thanks to Him; bless His Name! (Ps 100:4)

We should all, and I am, thankful for the Torah, my family, friends, shelter, food, clean air & water, health care, transportation, etc., etc. But what about all the little things that we take for granted everyday? Oh sure,…