Secrets can be destructive.

I've witnessed too many situations where, if secrets had been revealed, things would have turned out much differently, more favorable for all involved. Granted, there are some secrets that need to stay hidden, but as a general rule, I dislike secrets. Especially between friends and family.

The Lifestyle Secret
I like not having anything to hide, at least I like to say so. There was a time in my life when I had to be looking over my shoulder, watching what I said for fear of disclosure and keeping tabs on fabrications. Living in the shadows, sneaking around and living a double life is no life at all, I can assure you. Wisely, there also came a time when I decided, "no more" and walked away - away from the lies, the darkness, the persona. I'm not even completely sure how it all came about that way, but I know I don't have to say that life is so much simpler when you have nothing to hide - no secrets.

The Political Secret
Information withheld. Decisions skewed due to lack of all the facts, because of secrets held by some and not shared with the the whole. Politicians are famous for these types of secrets; I'm sure I dislike this type of secret most of all. And don't think that only politicians that hold office are adept at this type of behavior - any person in a position of power is forced to be a politician at one time or another, I can assure you. Playing politics at your house of worship or workplace is common and unfortunate. The chosen positioning themselves with information for personal gain or to facilitate the path of least resistance instantly labels them a politician, and thus not to be least not completely.

The Scandalous Secret
Secrets have a nasty side-effect, as well. They feed gossip. Titillating tidbits of half-truths, or even whole-truths, nourish the whispers and sidebar conversations that make us all feel part of the "in" crowd. Because the popular people always have the inside track, right? Or so it would seem.

Destructive, secrets are. Avoid them, you must.

“The man who can keep a secret may be wise,
but he is not half as wise as the man with no secrets to keep.”

~Edgar Watson Howe


Jedi-J said…
You are a great writer...I enjoy reading your thoughts Master.
Hendel D'bu said…
What a nice thing to read first thing this morning, J - thank you. :-)
Mama Cache said…
Well put, my friend. If you revisited this, do you think you would add other categories?
Ari C'rona said…
I couldn't agree more, my friend, especially about the political ones.

There are also those secrets that are not ours to share, but we must keep them for the safety of others...

I think, too, that those tidbits of half-truths when not openly talked about in a mature way can cause a whole host of problems including distrust.