Troopin' the Comics Dungeon

Now, how can you not think that is cool?? OK, so I'm a little partial to clones. I was very excited to meet Matt in his clone 'kit'...pretty awesome!

Padawan and I made our way to the Wallingford district in Seattle today to hang out with some of the finest from the 501st along with our friend Chuck, who is an awesome Rebel Fleet Trooper. We waved at cars, posed for tons of pics, laughed at lots of Star Wars jokes and quotes and had a terrific time at the Comics Dungeon. Scott, the owner, treated us to pizza and cold water, which was greatly appreciated!

I just doesn't get better than spending time with fellow Star Wars costumers on a sunny summer day in Seattle. Oh, and the Dick's milkshakes were pretty good, too!


Ari C'rona said…
We did have a great time hanging with the 501st - that Clone is great! You captured the troop great with that little camera! My favorite is the Jedi General with her clone commander! :o)
Mama Cache said…
Looks like a great day!

In your element, eh? ;-)
J Antonelli said…
you folks have all the fun up there!
YourBrother said…
I tend to agree with Jason A. that we do have a pretty good time in the Northwest.
Just wanted to say how much fun it is to be with Hendel and Ari. You are a very good audience for a rubber-lip like me. But don't ever be shy about letting me know if I'm running off too much.