Little Details

(actual sizes - the silver is 1.25", the copper .75")

There is nothing more exciting for a paper-crafter than to wander through our local premier paper, stamp & ink store, Impress. We just love that store with it's unique paper offerings, tons of stamps and card ideas, embellishments galore and, my favorite, ink in every color you can imagine. Yesterday, I splurged on Provincial Grey and Sand lovely.

Anyway, we found these metal medallions in amongst all the embellishments and stuff. Very cool and perfect for our favorite mandala, the Council Floor. Our first attempt was a complete failure. We printed out the design on plain paper, then cut them to size and added the paper glaze...too much paper glaze, actually. Unfortunately, the ink ran horribly and the paper warped; they just looked terrible.

*scrape, scrape, scrape*

Attempt number two seems to be successful, although there are a couple of air bubbles...hardly noticeable, in my view. I printed the designs again, but this time on heavier brochure paper that had a nice polish to it. Next, I 'laminated' the cut outs with shipping tape, both sides. After inserting them into the metal medallions securely, making sure they were not coming out, I added a thin layer of the paper glaze. This time, the glaze dried quickly and the results are what you see above.

Quite an effort for a small detail to adorn the leather pouches that hang on our Jedi belts, wouldn't you agree?

I like details. *smile*


Mama Cache said…
Glad you found a way to make it work for you -- how satisfying!
J Antonelli said…
Council Floor? O.o
Hendel D'bu said…
Yes, J, the Jedi Council Floor... :-)
Ari C'rona said…
Man, you're awesome! They look great! I was just thinking about those, too! :o)