Gotta Have Tabbards!

So, what exactly is a tabbard? When talking about a Jedi costume, the tabbards are the sashes that drape the shoulders and are secured at the waist with a sash, or obi. The costume consists of an undertunic, overtunic, tabbards and obi, all topped off with the utility belt (not to mention the pants & boots).

Today, Padawan and I spent the better part of the day constructing a new vest (overtunic), tabbards and obi for her costume. We are hoping to be hand-picked to troop the Star Wars in Concert event taking place in Seattle on October 13th. Ari's costume was lacking the tabbards for various reasons, but it was suggested, by good authority, that she definitely needed tabbards for this high-profile event. So, we made tabbards!

Here's a few pics from the day. A little sewing, a little ripping, some furry companions, a Star Wars movie or two and a lot of laughing and philosophizing...what a great day!

Jeddy looks on as we lay out the pattern pieces.

Ari cuts...and cuts, and cuts and cuts some more!

Here I am trying to make the facing behave itself.

Piecing it together.

Ari C'rona in her new threads!

Photos have been submitted and now we wait to see if we made the cut. Here's hopin'!


Ari C'rona said…
Hey - great pics! Yep, I'm right, you're a brave Jedi! Thanks for, well, everything!

Love that lightsaber...:o)
Mole said…
Woohoo! I'll be waiting to hear. You will let me know how it goes, right? You are nodding your head, right?
Hendel D'bu said…
UPDATE: We got accepted and approved to troop the concert! Can hardly wait! :-)