Jedi Spare Time

Do Jedi have spare time? Well, of course they do - how else would they have time for meditating, studying and sparring? Or perhaps they spend that time to make another set of tabbards for an upcoming mission...

Today, while Padawan and I were stopping into JoAnn's for some extra thick craft foam, we not only ran into some dear friends from shul, but we also discovered some really cool fabric. It is a 100 percent poly, distressed and sueded moleskin. It looked a lot like distressed leather and in was in a lovely brown...yes, brown! Somehow this fabric had to go home with me.

What do you think?

this angle shows the distressed effect - looks like leather, huh?

It jazzes up my rather plain brown tunic nicely. *smile* We also found a great black chenille jacquard robe/cape fabric that would work wonderfully for a Barriss Offee costume. It was rather heavy and kind of expensive for the amount that I would need. Haven't truly committed to creating that costume yet, though.

Amazing what you can accomplish in the time it takes to play the Galaxy Divided Clone Wars DVD...I'm so pleased!


Ari C'rona said…
Wow!!! You did it this evening?! You're amazing! They look awesome!!! I can't wait to see them in 'real life'!!! :oO
Mole said…
Moleskin? *feeling faint*
Anonymous said…
Meditating, studying, staring at goats....

It look lovely!

Fluffy Cow
YourBrother said…
Like you, I found myself yesterday in Jo-Anns looking for some gauze fabric like you and Ari's tunics (and finally located it).
I have had trouble finding something appropriate for the Old Obiwan robe, but the Force was with me this day!
It is blended heavy linen in a milk chocolate brown. Like most linens it crushes a bit and retains the wrinkles. But unlike most linen, this hangs with some body so it moves like a wool robe. The best part is it costs significantly less that real wool. Wish I had found this before I did my original in suit wool.