A Few Favorites

We are a nation of consumers. We are always looking for the latest and greatest, new and improved products. There are some that like the old ways - have you heard their motto?
"Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without"
I really don't live by this motto, and don't begrudge those that do. But, personally, I like the newer stuff, the hi-tech improvements that make our lives easier and, let's face it, more fun.

As I am older now, I have settled into some products that are just favorites of mine...I'm sure you have, as well. And who doesn't enjoy hearing of the products your girlfriends have found that they think are way cool? Well, this girlfriend is sharing...

My favorite hi-tech thingy:
OK, I have two! I recently just acquired a HP Netbook with Windows 7 (Starter). This little wonder is absolutely the best! I really like the wide keyboard and it just too handy to take with me to class or on a road trip. When I'm home, I have it sitting on my craft desk for quick peeks at my favorite social utilities or to google something quick. It doesn't replace my 'big' desktop computer, but it sure is a great for mobility!

The second item is my iTouch - gosh, who doesn't love these little droids? I've got my Bible on there, a organizational app, Yelp and Flixster (for movies and restaurants near me), not to mention my music and audio books. Heck, I've even uploaded episodes from Star Wars, The Clone Wars to watch while I'm stuck waiting somewhere! Very cool - a must have, in my view.

My favorite beauty products:
I have just found a great product that, if you have fine hair, will make your morning routine a joy! It is 'thick' by a company called RUSK. It is a light spray-in product that gives volume and control without weighing the hair down. In googling it a bit, I have found that it has a very high rating among users, and I know why! Love it!

You can find this at your local Walmart for about $12 a bottle.

I also want to sing the praises of another hair care product that is really nice. I typically like to buy shampoo on the cheap, and tend to purchase Suave (I like the Cleansing variety for removing product build-up). However, with a teen in the house who likes to try all the newer, more exotic products, I had the opportunity to try Sheer Blonde by John Freida. What a wonderful shampoo. I have since changed to the Brunette line, with volumizers and shine builders - really, really like this shampoo! (Find it on the shampoo aisle at WalMart, as well, or your favorite grocery store.)

Well, that's enough for now, although this may be a good 'series' here on the blog. I'll let you know when I fall in love with more products!


Ari C'rona said…
I love these new hair products! And, of course, I love my iTouch, too. Your netbook is awesome - it'll be great on the road trip!

I think you ought to get paid for free advertising! :o)
can you even imagine having to go with out these now? My sweetheart says he NEEDS an itouch...he quotes you!
Mama Cache said…
Have favorites? I sure do. Even new favorites? Oh, yeah.

However, I'd probably be better equipped to write a blog series called, "Old Favorites."

And, I am not talking about "mom jeans" . . .