Grateful Friday

Vitality shows in not only the ability to persist 
but the ability to start over.
~F. Scott Fitzgerald

It's the first Grateful Friday of 2012! To start things off right, I asked a few of my favorite friends (about 300 or so) to share some gratitude - I'm thrilled so many were willing.

"Interesting, I was just pondering this earlier this evening... what am I truly grateful for? At the time, the answer came to me clearly and succinctly: Cheese Trays. I think I was hungry."

"I am grateful for you as a friend ! You always have a way to touch me when I need it most, a blog post, a photo, a status update. You are a bright spot in my day!"

I'm grateful for great pics from friends across the pond!
photo by Ann Canton

"Our four legged furry friends that love us with abandon, rejoice with us when we are happy, console us when we are sad, and remind us that there is always joy to be found in this world in chew toys and string."

Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful.
~Thich Nhat Hanh

I'm grateful for celebrating the New Year with my beautiful friends Lisa and Barb in downtown Tacoma and for getting to enjoy the wonderful music of Pearl Django live.

"I'm grateful for the sunshine outside my window on this first day of 2012."

"I'm grateful for the most precious friendships a girl could wish for - total acceptance and love, challenging me to be better than the best, willing to go the extra mile and more. "I thank my G-d in all my remembrance of you..."

"I'm grateful for the hope of the coming year - new adventures, opportunities to celebrate the festivals once again, more deep theological conversations, continued mercy and grace from the Holy One even when I can't see it."

"I am thankful for...
Colors. All the variety of hues and saturations that make our world so interesting to see.
Django music well played.
Jewish liturgy, spoken in concert to our G-d.
The song of a sparrow on a winter day.
The companionship and playfulness of my cat.
Friends who support, love and laugh together.
Steaming hot, freshly brewed coffee in the morning.
The gift of prayer.
A supportive boss, allowing me to work from home on occasion."

"I am very grateful for my friends. They share in my joy, and help me grieve during a very difficult time."

Gratitude is an art of painting an adversity into a lovely picture.
~Kak Sri

"Being on facebook is like walking through the crowded high school cafeteria and catching snatches of everyone's conversation as you walk by...except without the smell." Yes, I'm grateful for facebook and the internet (and not so much for the high school cafeteria).

"I'm grateful I have 100 pennies...130, actually."

I'm grateful for friendly strangers on the street that smile at me.

"I'm extremely grateful for our friendship, you have propped me up when I was down countless times!" (it's a privilege and an honor, my friend!)

I'm grateful that my children have friends and good morals.

"I am grateful for the relationship I have with our loving G-d, my loving family and friends, my health and the health of my husband and children, the continued success and opportunities my husband works hard for and receives in his job, the renewed inner peace and happiness that grows within each day, and a beautiful new country to explore and call home for the next 3 years. Ohhh...and Skype!!"

I'm grateful for good food and the feeling of satisfaction after a meal.

"I am grateful for wonderful friends who walk with me on the path G-d has put forth before me. Who could ask for more?"

I'm grateful that I can just drive to a number of stores close-by and get what I need at any given moment.

"I am grateful for all I learned in 2011 and the opportunity to apply the teachings in 2012."

I'm always grateful when my car starts.

"...understanding people, those who were willing to listen, letterboxing, Facebook, music, art, love, support, kitties, my rabbit, chocolate, wine, still having my Grammy in my life..."

I'm thankful for the opportunity to be published in the newspaper.

"I'm grateful for Mongolian Grill and Nordstrom." (me, too!)

I'm always, always thankful for people who care and who are willing to give...of themselves, of their time and of their friendship.

Rejoice with those who rejoice; weep with those who weep. "...I am grateful for the rejoicing and grateful for being able to weep with empathy alongside those I love."

"I'm grateful for my husband and my children, especially for the moments in which I see true friendships among them."

Happy New Year from Seattle!

"I'm grateful my mom is willing to drive me where I want to go."

"Thankful for income, a home, most excellent friends and family. The health and safety of those I love."

"That my husband has a job so therefore we kept insurance, house, food, clothes!!! Happy 2012...may the blessings continue and if you didn't have any then repent and come closer to G-d because he wants to shower you with blessings!"

"I'm grateful for my family."

"Thankful we made it through the long hot summer, the wildfires finally ceased, and the rain that is now replenishing the earth."

I am so thankful for memories - I've been carefully reliving them this first week of 2012.

"After living apart from June to December, I am grateful that Hubby and I are living together again."

I'm thankful for early birthday wishes.

"Grateful that I didn't have any gallstone attacks in 2011, that I can now eat normal food, grateful for my letterboxing buddies, for the peace that is finally settling in my soul, the strength to speak the truth, loving family members, well, that's enough from me, huh!?" (it's never enough from you, MJ - hugs to you!)

"2011 was a time of prayer, intercession, fasting, praise, tears, leaving, starting anew. I am so grateful for friends and love..."

"I'm grateful for ice cream, talented, willing children, loving family, travel, the LORD'S amazing mercy, a man who loves me unconditionally, the library and my new nook." (I love my new Kindle, too, and I'm so grateful to have the parashah notes in e-format - I'm so grateful!)

"I'm grateful that we had provision even though Patrick had knee surgery. He's our only income now and even though it was tough, G-d stretched the money for our bills. Also I'm grateful that I was able to watch our middle son step into his destiny as he joined the Navy and made it through an extremely tough program."

"I'm thankful for another year with my hubby. I'm thankful for a relationship with my daughter and grandbabies. I'm eternally grateful for our beloved Chaverim! I'm thankful we have a safe place to meet each week, that we can actually look forward to it. I'm thankful we can all pray together. I'm thankful we can study together in freedom without criticism. I'm thankful for our pets. I'm thankful for family time with my hubby's brother."


How long does it take you to feel grateful? Do you have to rack your brain to come up with even one simple thing for which to feel grateful? Truly, it doesn't have to be grand; just something small that makes your life easier, that makes you smile...that makes you feel alive. Giving thanks changes our attitude, adjusts our perspective and points us in a good and healthy direction. Make 2012 the year that you think of at least one thing each day for which you are thankful and grateful. So...


Mama Cache said…
I'm thankful for a good report from you! May I post this a million times?

I'm grateful that my grieving friend didn't think Leahy's "Borrowed Time" was a sad song.

I'm grateful for texting -- I'm not fond of it -- I'm just grateful for it! There is a time for everything.

I'm thankful for the host of people that rescued my gang when the car died in the middle of an intersection -- sometimes it does take a village! [Lord, you are merciful, indeed. Thank you.]
Ari C'rona said…
I'm grateful that your surgery went well and that you're recovering nicely and that you had the best doctor in the country (in my humble opinion).

I'm grateful for this awesome post! I love reading the 'gratefuls' from so many of our friends!
wassamatta_u said…
Wow! I'm grateful I made it into your "grateful" blog! Woohoo!!!