We strive for stuff.

Innocent pretties, or that electronic transfer that equates to a new gadget.

We take pride in our clothing, our surroundings, our transportation.

We revel in our hobbies, our pastimes and our achievements...
all made possible as a result of our striving.

Striving for the perfect position, the appropriate look, the next accomplishment to add to the resume.

We strive to learn a craft, to gain knowledge and the skill to teach it to someone else...which ultimately makes us look pretty good, right?

We strive to lose weight and quit smoking.
To do the right thing, or at least the clever one.
We listen for opportunities to sound smart,
to be funny,
to be the center,
to be included.
Striving. We all do it.

We can have so much, do so much, and know so much.
Wouldn't you agree?

We are blessed with the necessities and beyond more.


"If I have the gift of prophecy, and know all mysteries and all knowledge; and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but do not have love, 
I am nothing."

"If I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but do not have love, 
I have become a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal."

but, do not have love...

I can have all things, all knowledge, all gifts, talents and skill.
I can have the perfect wife and the smartest kids,
the biggest library or the wonderful collection.
I can boast of my coveted community and all the traditions and sacraments,
with all the right prayers, the chosen people and the talent for instruments.
I can enjoy all the comforts and good health money can buy...


If we don't have love, we have absolutely nothing.
Everything - all of it - is for naught.

And, I wonder,
if we have and give love...
love for our spouse and our kids,
for our close friends and extended family,
for our neighbor, co-worker or classmate;
If we have love for them,
do we not have a smidgen of the One we serve?
Do we not feel a fraction of the very essence
of the Holy One
when we give love?
Freely, openly, honestly.
Without taint or spot - innocent and pure.
Holy love of the Holy One.

"...teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age."

I will be with you.
Lovingly with you, because you want Me to be with you.
Because I desire to be with you.
The G-d of the Universe sends His Messiah to earth,
and He states that He will be with us to the very end of the age.

Could it be that the way He is 'with us' is when we love?
The very substance of the One we serve,
coming from His Spirit, flowing through His servant
to rest upon His beloved.
He will be with us because He enables us to love,
to show and give love,
because He is love,
...could it be?
Love that is deep and full;
not like the world defines and certainly not lust,
but love.
Simply unselfish love.
Unconditional love
for our fellow sojourners.
Is this possible?

For we all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of G-d...
perhaps this is so because we have failed to

We strive.
But as we enjoy all that we have,
and all that we have done,
let us never forget
that we have nothing, are nothing and can do nothing
without LOVE.

For He is with us until the end of the age,
yes, that G-d, that Savior
that is, and always will be
the very thing we long for most...

Open up and feel Your G-d,
the G-d of love,
the G-d that is love,
the only One who has ever been love,
the One who created love.

As we strive for all the material and coveted,
the knowledge and prestige,
let us first and foremost strive for what is most important.
The essence that makes everything else worthwhile,
the only thing that gives true purpose -
love that comes from the Creator.
He desires to give love,
and enables love to be given.
He commands love,
requires love
and perpetuates love.
It is His very essence, His Spirit,
His goal and vision.
Yes, let us strive diligently,
for the only thing that matters,
truly, the only thing that gives us life.



Ari C'rona said…
It all comes down to one word, one powerful word that sums up the whole Torah. Beautiful, my friend.
Mama Cache said…
Reading this was like being washed in words. Cleansing, my friend. Thanks.