Up in a Blue Velvet Sky

Do you find it strange to think that at the precise moment that you are looking at the moon, someone miles away is admiring the same view?

Does it make you feel small and insignificant...does it fill you with awe and wonder?

Do you think that it sure must be cold on the dark side or hot in the light?

Did you think, when you were younger, that there was a man in the moon? Or that it was made of cheese?

And what about the stars that keep the moon company in a blue velvet sky?

Do you think about how far away they are or why they twinkle?

Do you think about other planets that may be alive because of those stars or ponder the dead stars we cannot see?

Do you dream of traveling beyond the moon, or think of those who could?

When I see the constellations, I feel rather ignorant of the specifics...do you feel ignorant, too?

Do you feel compelled to sit and wait to witness a shooting star or a passing satellite?

What is it about looking at the moon and stars, up in the night sky, that prompts so many questions?

Is it because what we can see is so far away?  Or is it because what we can see is so stunningly beautiful while common at the same time?

Do you stand in the cold, clear winter night to contemplate these things, or do you just give it a cursory glance as you hurry in with your groceries and kids in tow?  And do your kids walk to the door with their heads tipped backwards looking at the skyward show?

Does anyone ever sit long enough to learn secrets from the moon and stars?
Does anyone ever sit long enough to learn...
Does anyone ever sit long enough...
Does anyone ever sit...
Does anyone?

Or do we rush by and not take in G-d's handiwork?

Do you ever wonder about the moon and think it interesting that someone miles away can be looking at the same moon at the same moment, wondering the same things?

I do.

Three things cannot be long hidden: 
the sun, the moon, and the truth.


Ari C'rona said…
I look up and wonder, too... thanks for reminding me on this rainy, dark night that the moon is still up there with someone looking at it from some far away place just like me.
Mama Cache said…
You know I do. *smile*
Patty said…
All the time. What an AMAZING expanse He created for us to enjoy and admire.