Grateful Friday

I'm grateful for the beauty of Central Oregon

I'm grateful for a wonderful time touring around Lake Washington with great friends last Sunday.

I'm grateful that I'm not achy anymore. Now if this cough would go away...

I'm grateful for OTC medicines for my kiddos.

I'm grateful that my kids were happy to see me after us all being apart last weekend.

I'm grateful for good conversations with my bestie.

I'm grateful to find what I had been looking for, and couldn't find at home...the perfect salad serving bowl!  Woohoo!  (And, here's the really perfect part...we found it in one shop for $42, which was a little too rich for my blood.  Then we found it again, in another shop, for $30!  At that point, I had to buy it...)

perfectly sized at approx. 13" across and 4" deep - cool, huh?

I'm grateful to be loved.

I'm grateful my husband is gainfully employed.

I'm grateful for AAA.

I'm grateful that we have a nice GPS.

I'm grateful that it is not pouring down rain at the moment.

I'm grateful for Super Supplements. (now, there's a switch!)

I'm grateful to be able to pray for friends.

I'm grateful for a wonderful fireplace in our condo here in SunRiver.

I'm grateful for the chance to check out the High Desert Museum again - it's really cool.

I'm grateful for my dentist office, and Julie, who was so accommodating with a needed prescription. They called it in and I picked it up in Bend!  (The Fred Meyer even had all my information on file - hooray for technology!)

I'm grateful for my fuzzy blanket.

I'm grateful it's not snowing at present.

I'm grateful that the snow didn't stick when it did.

I'm grateful for new places to explore.

I'm grateful for VIA coffee when traveling.

I'm grateful for our little netbooks - it makes staying touch so much easier!

I'm grateful for Atlas Quest, and Ryan, who is the best webmaster ever.

I'm grateful we were able to take a few days for a sanity break here in beautiful Central Oregon.

I'm grateful we found Jimmy John's sub shop - yummy!

I'm grateful for the prospect of a new hobby., genealogy.  By just poking around on a free online sight, I discovered quite a hint of suspected heritage!  Yeah, I think it's time for a new focus.

I'm grateful for technology that enables me to stay in touch with my family and friends while so far from home.

What are you grateful for this week?


Mama Cache said…
So much to be thankful for . . .

I'm grateful for the blessing of opportunity to teach my clan at home, especially today for the years that my middle girl has been home. I will miss her so much when she spreads her wings.

Oh, yes, and grateful that Stacy can stop pouting since you supplied everyone with a shot of the wonderful salad bowl. ;-)
Ari C'rona said…
I am so grateful for our time away, for the Beth Moore audiobook, and for a safe journey! :o)
Mole said…
I am thankful for plastic. (Yes, of course, there is more to that story. I'll spare you, though.)
Angelle said…
Watch out for that genealogy stuff Mrs. Liz... it can be addicting! :D