SunRiver, Oregon - Day One

How 'bout a few shots of our six-plus hour drive from home to SunRiver, Oregon? We decided we needed to take a bit of a scenic view and meandered along the Columbia River rather than stick to the interstate...

I couldn't resist snapping this little cutie!

Multnomah Falls

Clock Tower, The Dalles

Mount Jefferson

In our room, at last!

Distance travelled: 370 miles
Photos snapped: 116
Waterfalls spotted: at least 4
Snow-capped mountains in the distance: 11
Gas price per gallon: $3.99
Museums enjoyed: 1 (Columbia River Discovery Center)
Dams viewed by accident: 1 (The Dalles Dam)
Music CDs listened to: 5, some multiple times
Time of arrival in SunRiver: almost 8pm
Prairie dogs spotted: 1
Number of rodents trying to commit suicide by running in front of Speeder: 2
Nice, helpful resort personnel talked to: 9
Number of scary biker dudes spotted: 3

Worth remembering:
Full-service gas stations!
Seeing the Columbia Gorge for the first time
Wishing to see Multnomah Falls, then suddenly it appeared!

Not worth remembering:
trying to figure out the wi-fi at the resort after the office was closed
the dark, smelly bathroom at Multnomah Falls
oh, and Lisa sitting on her sunglasses. oops.


Ari C'rona said…
Yes, it makes me think... always look before sitting... :oP
Mama Cache said…
The road trip format brings back memories. You know how to paint a day's picture, that's for sure. Love that!

Have a grand time!
Sue KuKu said…
Yes, the bathrooms at Multnomah Falls are old and can be smelly -- but I sure appreciate them being there!

I have been to other falls where the restrooms were locked or non-existent.

who will take anything over squatting in the bushes