SunRiver, Oregon - Day Three

Day three found us touring the charming town of Sisters. Unfortunately, it was pretty cloudy, so we were unable to view the beautiful mountains for which this quaint tourist town is named after. While we were enjoying breakfast, we watched a powder-fine snow falling out the windows. Thankfully, though, it had no chance of sticking.

As we explored Sisters with it's many gifty shops and boutiques, it was dry but pretty windy and cold. After I availed myself of a cheapy sweatshirt, we continued to meander through the shops where we saw so many wonderful things you just don't see anywhere else except in touristy towns (like the wonderful salad serving bowl I've been looking for...woohoo!)

an artifact and decoration in Sisters
After a few hours, we decided we had shopped enough and drove for a bit. Looking for Cline Falls proved to be beautiful, but sans falls. *shrug* After that short stop, we found our way back to Bend and a delightful outdoor mall that was housed in historic old mill buildings.

Cline Falls State Park
old smoke stacks in the Mill District Shopping Mall

along the beautiful Deschutes River

back at our digs at SunRiver


Stacy Christian said…
What, no picture of the salad serving bowl? *pout*
Director of Fun said…
Oh, if the road is open, you should go find the Pioneer Postman letterbox. Quick find, great carve, sad story, beautiful area.

And I hope you plan a stop at Maryhill Museum on the way home. It's one of my favorites.

I CAN'T believe you guys haven't been in the Gorge before. Shock and awe.