Grateful Friday

Would it be wrong to be thankful for frosting?

I'm grateful for coffee. Ok, that's kinda lame, but you have to start somewhere, right?

I'm grateful this morning.

Grateful for my daughter, and my two growing sons.

Grateful for my bestie and all my close, dear friends who are walking a difficult road with me patiently.

Grateful for my Dad, who is trying to shield me from too much grief.

Grateful for my hubby, who knows when he needs to be nice.

Grateful for my brother and his care of my Dad.

Grateful for my beloved family members who have now gone on to be with the LORD - their legacy is unmistakable.

Grateful for ghosts and the lessons they still provide.

I'm even grateful for my cats who want to be with me and need me regardless.

Yeah, I'm grateful this morning. Grateful for life.

I'm grateful for those that are willing to share their experiences and life-lessons with others.

I'm grateful for bagged salad, baby carrots and yummy, ready-made salad dressing.

I'm grateful for a wonderful time hangin' out with my friends all weekend!

I'm grateful for the sunny, beautiful weather on Sunday to celebrate Barb's birthday.

I'm grateful for mature believers.

I'm grateful for wisdom, discernment and intuition.

I'm grateful for yoga videos by Rodney Yee.

I'm grateful for my boys filling up water jugs for someone in need - without complaint.

I'm grateful for my pinkie pod and my UFO (code words for my Gen 1 iPod I bought at a pawn shop and the little speaker thingy it sits in!)  I'm also thankful that my daughter is finding awesome music at the library.

pinkie pod & the UFO

I'm grateful for exciting plans, both for upcoming travel and the next festival.

I'm grateful that the wireless in my house is still working (as I glance over and verify the flashing little lights again!)

I'm grateful I was able to order a book online that I've wanted for a while.

I'm grateful that my jeans fit.

I'm grateful for the beautiful sunshine this morning.

I'm grateful for sleep.

I'm grateful for down time.

I'm grateful for clearance sales at big department stores and nice sales associates.

I'm grateful for that little boy that got super excited when he saw the Star Wars shirt I was wearing at the WalMart.

I'm grateful to find some of my favorite specialty cheese at the grocery store.  Mmmmm....Tillamook!

I'm grateful that Lisa got a new printer.

I'm grateful I was able to get a craft project done and fulfill a commitment.

I'm grateful that tomorrow is Shabbat.

I'm grateful Blogger is back up and accepting posts!

What are you grateful for this week?


Ari C'rona said…
First off - no, it's not wrong to grateful for frosting! :o)

I'm grateful for the end of yet another week and for the hope of Shabbat tomorrow.

I'm grateful for some quality time with my bestie this week.

I'm grateful that I can find Star Wars t-shirts that fit!

I'm grateful for those who unconditionally love me.

And, I'm grateful for open, honest communication with my hubby.
I'm thankful for the sun and breeze so I can dry my clothes on the lines.
I'm thankful that I can get my fingers in the dirt and get some things planted.
I'm thankful that all my little oregano starts are spoken for.
I'm thankful for friends near and far.
Hmm maybe I should do a whole thankful post on my own blog ^.^
oh yeah, and I'm thankful for frosting too.
Baqash said…
I'm grateful that I can choose not to sleep outside in the rain tonight.

I'm grateful for my beastie dog who is a great trail companion and like an old slipper by my side at home

I'm grateful That all my kids seem to be doing OK for right now.