Just As Good the Second Time!

photo credit:  Taylor Ford

A few years ago, Padawan and I traveled down to OMSI to check out the Star Wars - Science Meets Imagination exhibit.  It was wonderful even though at the time we were not costumers.  What?? There was a time when we weren't costuming?  Well, actually, yes there was.  But, it wasn't long after checking out the props, models and incredible costumes that we got the costuming bug!

we sure enjoyed a ride on the Millennium Falcon!

So, it was only fitting to go and see it again - especially since it was being featured at our own Pacific Science Center.  Unfortunately, we weren't able to actually 'troop' it in costume due to personal circumstances and scheduling conflicts, but we were with our costuming friends in spirit, for sure.  I was very happy to photograph, scrutinize, analyze and enjoy all the exhibits once again. I hope you do, too...


Mama Cache said…
It feels strange viewing all of this without seeing the two of you in costume in at least one shot!

Didn't you feel naked without your gear???
Ari C'rona said…
What a great day! Excellent shots - you used the glare to your advantage!