The Substance

I have a theory.

It's an idea that I have floated out there with some success. Nothing earth shattering, I'm sure. However, I feel it is more than just an idea or framework of definition. I believe it may be the answer we have always had and I'm just now getting around to grasping it.

There is a substance from which all things are made. In the scientific mind, atoms make up molecules, and molecules form structures and those structures take shape into the world we can see, touch and taste - experience. It's those atoms that have a beginning and a memory of their author, who very well may have used their own substance to design, similar to Adam's rib being used to create his companion.

So, here's the crux of the matter; this mystery substance that flows and creates, is the very substance that enables invisible bonds between souls. It flows from one to another, free of the restrictive and unyeilding boundary of electromagnetic force that holds atoms together. The substance created the atoms, is the atoms, yet flows out of them, as well, creating its own path - a living and undefinable stream.

We move through life experiencing the bonds of this substance, oftentimes without conscious thought or grateful amazement. We even arrogantly believe that we may control the flow. We reach out a hand, make eye contact...share a smile or experience. And the substance flows without our effort or knowledge, even. Bonds are formed and relationship starts with a trickle of the substance. And, if we are so blessed, that trickle grows into more.

Theoretically, I believe all relationships are made of this substance. I have heard it said that there are different 'levels' of relationship, or different types. I'm sure you have heard this, as well; acquaintance, friendship, close friendship, intimate or romantic, etc. Most would like to separate these relationships, and put them into tidy, well-defined categories. But, I don't think things are that buttoned-down. Just as this substance flows free and unbidden, I believe relationships grow, change and sometimes diminish determined by the quantity of the substance present, not by the quality. Let me say that again, because this is my somewhat radical thought; we want to believe that it is the quality of the substance that determines the relationship, not the quantity. I suspect we have it backwards.

Because the eternal quality of this substance is unchanging, it can only be the quantity that determines our man-made labels of relation with one another.

Reaching out to another, in whatever form, is the evidence, the very proof, of the substance flowing from one to another. Every interaction between souls contains some quantity of this mysterious and often misunderstood substance; it is only the quantity that determines the definition. 

This idea opens up a new level of wonderment for me. If all relationships are the result of the same unchanging, pure substance, then what is it that determines the quantity?

Who turns the faucet and controls the flow?

Beloved friends, let us love one another; because love is from G-d; 
and everyone who loves has G-d as his Father and knows G-d. 
Those who do not love, do not know G-d; because G-d is love.
~1 John 4:7-8


Mole said…

The word called to me while I read your words.


That word seemed to whisper to me, as well.


So I just ended up missing you -- probably the fastest trip to melancholy I've ever taken.

I love you, my dear friend!

Ari C'rona said…
I love your musings and ideas that stretch the walls of my boxes, my dear friend!
Hendel D'bu said…
I just re-read this for the third time tonight. I like to dig into these mysteries. If you premise that it's the quantity of flow that determines the level of relationship, then I feel that the quantity is affected by the frequency of the substance being shared back and forth. Not like a faucet controlling how much flows, but the push given by one heart toward another and the return push of another heart speeds up the intensity and the exchanges increase. So it seems like there is more quantity, when really just moving around more quickly and appears to be filling more relationships due to the intensity driving the substance.

~Your Friend