The First Day

*deep breath*

Well, I have said for several months that I wouldn't believe that I was a college student until my, um... posterior was sitting in class. Well, that happened this morning, as I found myself in Math 085. Yeah, I'm not a math whiz, as it were, but I'm certainly not alone.

Math, English and Humanities is the first quarter to wind through in my higher education journey. I am finding it fascinating - all of it. The atmosphere of a community college is diverse, casual and borderline scholarly (I think my view of scholarly academia is a little bit more old-school than what I see here!) It seems, at first blush, like grown-up high school. I guess it will be interesting to see how my view changes over time.

I am definitely one of the older students. But, I can easily see how that will be to my advantage; with a little life experience under my belt, I not only know simple answers quickly (not to mention the chutzpah to offer them well), but stand out from the majority of the younger students. I think I'm going to like this. As I walked through the campus, I started to feel a confidence that only experience can afford falling on me like stardust. It makes this Jedi smile.

The first day of anything makes us all nervous; even my math teacher expressed some first-day anxiety. But, once it's completed, it will be one more hurdle behind me.


Mole said…
One week nearly complete. So happy for you, my friend. Isn't it a strange feeling to be doing something that you have talked about for so long?