Grateful Friday

Today is Friday. The first Friday of the first week of the first year of my educational journey. Thankfully, Friday is a "light day", as I only have one class.

I'm grateful I was able to do my homework on my break yesterday. I have come to realize that obtaining  higher education is simply taking one day at a time, completing the assignments one at a time and sitting in the seat one day at a time. I'm grateful I was in the seat this week.

I'm grateful for beautiful weather, gorgeous sunrises and stunning sunsets.

I'm grateful for blue houses, brown towels, fleece sheets and emergency corkscrews.

I'm grateful for Marcia, kleenex and free wi-fi in parking lots.

I'm grateful for one-way conversation. I know...that is strange, but I am. At least some communication is better than none.

I'm thankful Morgan got to Texas safely. Oh, so grateful for cell phones, texting and the US Postal Service.

I'm grateful for the gift of sound and the ability to hear it.

I'm grateful for Li'l Pinkie (which is the iPod Nano permanently attached to my wrist thanks to a beloved soul - thanks for always knowing what I need!)

I'm grateful for individual study kiosks in the school library.

I'm grateful for mechanical pencils, steno pads, pee-chees and smiles from teachers.

I'm grateful for garage door opener codes.

I'm grateful for long days of really living.

I'm grateful for pharmacies and over-the-counter medications.

I'm grateful for honesty and the exit of toxic entities from my life.

I'm grateful for vows and the ability to keep them.

I'm grateful for *likes* on facebook.

I'm grateful for a long list of things I actually want to study.

I'm grateful for a new beginning, a bright future and hope.

I'm grateful to be known.

So, what are you grateful for this week?


Ari C'rona said…
Oh, wow... I'm grateful for reliable mechanics and credit cards.

I'm grateful for my sister and my mom - they are so supportive.

I'm grateful for the best friends anyone could possibly have - those near and far.

I'm grateful for clear vision and the strength to move ahead, a strength that only One can give.

I'm grateful for the undeniable provision and orchestration of all the minute details of live from the Holy One.

I'm grateful for Shabbat and the traditions passed down through the generations...
Mole said…
I'm thankful that I can feel...numbness is worse than pain.

So grateful for memories that don't fade...for me and for those who share them with me.

Grateful, too, for some memories that do fade. Sometimes that's a really good thing.