Star Wars Challenge: Week 29

Best Star Wars related story/incident you’ve had.

Oh gosh...what to share for this one?

Trooping as Jedi for several years now has provided many stories of talking to little ones about being guardians and protectors of justice and others - I like that the best, for sure.  Or walking through a crowded place and hearing whispers behind you, "Jedi...Jedi...did you see the Jedi?"  I enjoy that, too.

I enjoyed visiting the Presidio and posing with the Yoda statue on our last road trip.  That was way-cool.  Then, as we were walking around in the beautiful San Fran sunshine, enjoying the grounds of the Lucasfilm headquarters, we overheard two Lucasfilm writers discussing Force users and related issues.  It was a geek moment, for sure!  They were just on a smoke break, discussing things like it was a normal occurrence...well, it was for them!

But, the biggest thing that happened to me related to Star Wars had to do with my former congregation, although it definitely isn't the best thing that has happened to me, that's for sure.  Judgment over my involvement in the costuming community and dressing as Jedi caused some to decide that they could not worship in the same congregation as myself and my best friend, who also costumes.  Amazing, I know. Self-righteousness, narrow-mindedness, jealousy/envy and misinformation can be a deadly combination, to be sure. Unfortunately, these few somehow had the power to convince leadership that we were evil and it was all downhill from there, despite the fact that we had more than proven our character through many years of service and loyalty. And yet, I'm sure we are not the first to feel the sting of religious judgment stemming from the enjoyment of the Star Wars franchise.

To that, there is only one thing to say,

"Move along.  Move along."

But in the end, I'm a Jedi. 


Ari C'rona said…
Who would've thought that such a harmless hobby could lead to such an end... I remember times when I was caught in narrow-mindedness myself. I thank G-d that He brought me to a healthy mindset.

I thoroughly enjoy donning that Jedi costume and trooping with some incredible people.