Grateful Friday

Praise the LORD we got home safely from our jaunt over the mountains.

Praise the LORD that my internet was easy to fix.

Praise the LORD for sunshine and summer days,
for digital cameras and funny conversations, and
for phone calls and trail mix to occupy ourselves in construction slowdowns.

For music and audiobooks (even if they are bad),
for Starbucks instant coffee and microwaves that barely work.

For English-speaking hotel employees and friendly bikers,
and for fast carry-out service at the Mexican restaurant.

I'm so thankful for time away and for more memories.

Quote of the trip:
Lisa: "I'll take care of the ear-buds, you focus on pushing the buttons..."
Liz: "No worries, I seem to be good at that, actually."

I'm grateful for lunch out with my bestie.

I'm grateful for tissues that magically appear when the tears do.

I'm grateful for comfy pants, tank tops and going barefoot.

I'm grateful for wi-fi at Starbucks.  (What a wonderful place Starbucks is...a place to meet and relax, for so many occasions - what in the world did we do without Starbucks?)

I'm grateful for smiles.

I'm grateful for my cell phone, texting and my netbook.

I'm grateful for the LORD who always accepts me when I cry out to Him.

I'm grateful for inspirational devotions.

I'm grateful for the time that passes when it makes the pain lessen.

I'm grateful to share tears and laughter with dear, dear friends.

I'm grateful that a friend who suffered a stroke is doing a bit better.

I'm grateful for flowers, cards and familiar handwriting.

I'm grateful when I'm wanted and needed.

I'm grateful when people enjoy my efforts in writing.

I'm grateful for BBQ smoke, hot dogs, hamburgers, and yes, even pickles...and a wonderful opportunity to thank some great soldiers for their service.

I'm grateful for Smurfs! Don't ask...

I'm grateful for acceptance and playful teasing that makes me smile and feel included.

I'm grateful for photos and for the photographer.

I'm grateful for SweeTarts.

I'm grateful for Wednesday nights.

I'm grateful for text messages that make me laugh out loud.

I'm grateful for old friendships that are new again.

I'm very grateful for Taylor hugs - they are the best.  Taylor Ford, my youngest, is 13 years old today.  Time has gone by so very fast and now he is just about as tall as myself.  I praise the LORD for his gentle spirit and infectious laugh, for his protection and care for me and for his eagerness to spend time with me.  I will never forget and will always thank the LORD for all the time I've gotten with him since that fateful day in February when he drown as a toddler.  I was gifted his life back into mine - oh, what a gift that was.

Happy Birthday, Toddy!!

a self-portrait with his cat Toulouse

What are you grateful for this week?


Ari C'rona said…
Happy birthday, Tay!

I'm grateful for people who are so accepting and non-judgmental.

I'm grateful for our time away - I so love those road trips with my bestie!

I'm grateful for my Jacob who turned 17 yesterday! Wow!

I'm grateful for time with my mom.

I'm grateful to serve our great G-d - He is awesome...
Patty said…
I'm grateful for time off to go on a vacation.

For some GREAT friends to drop in on occasionally.

For my day, who turned 76 last Saturday, and my brother who is 52 today.

For such beautiful weather lately.

For an awesome God who loves and cares for us all.
Mama Cache said…
Happy Birthday, Tay! Have a great one!