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Star Wars Challenge: The Last Week

So, why do I love Star Wars?

Well, I have written much about Star Wars already, but here are the...

Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Star Wars

10.  The Music.

Gosh, who doesn't love a good fantasy story, full of good guys and bad guys, complete with beautiful women and strong men who act like heroes?  And then add in a fantastic, engaging music score and you have some incredible candy for the senses.  The music of Star Wars is iconic, to say the least.  Written by a genius, performed by highly skilled musicians and played over and over in my vehicle, for sure.  Love it!

9.  Lightsabers.  

YES!!  Vzzzzzmmmmmmmm!  I'd love to be trained to use a real lightsaber, but even I have to admit that I'd probably lose a limb somewhere along the way.  What a cool weapon...the coolest, to be sure.  What a rush to watch a emotion-charged lightsaber duel with all the finesse of fencing and the killing potential of an oozy.

8.  Expanded Universe

Oh yeah!  Late night reading fodder, for sure.  I'm certainly guilty of burning away precious hours I could be sleeping deep in the world of speeders, alien worlds and Jedi philosophy.  Whoa, what an escape!  And thank the Maker for all the devoted Star Wars fiction writers who give us loads of continuity issues to discuss for hours on end with fellow geeks.

7.  The Clone Wars

Aaaahhhhh!  More Star Wars to feast on!  The animated series is incredible; if you haven't indulged, you simply must invest a puny half an hour to watch one of these animation wonders.  The music and sound design is no slouch, either. Yes, yes, YES!!  Hey, and watch it with your kids...they'll thank you for it.

6.  Awesome Worlds

Zinoma Sekot.  Mandalore.  Naboo.  Incredible places, exotic locations.  Alien sentients and broken down political governments.  Strange food and stranger vegetation...and let's not even discuss the color of the sky.  Let your imagination run wild because these systems will definitely stir your creativity and stretch your concepts of normal.  My favorite world, though, has to be Coruscant.  Not only the home of the Jedi Temple, but bazillions of human and non-human beings, denizens, living together in one big city planet. Wrap your brain around that one.

5.  Transportation

My car is lovingly called Speeder.  Not because I speed, cuz I try not to exceed the legal limit, but because I wish I truly had a Speeder complete with grav-seats and repulsor lift.  I'd love to see a city bike in action or graze the canyon in a podracer. Let's take Republic Transport to the neighboring system or fly in a Jedi starfighter. Please?  How 'bout the Nubian Royal Yacht or one of those incredible ships that were intuitive to it's owner?  Very, very cool.  And we can't forget the Millennium Falcon, now can we?  Unbelievable transportation that I would dearly love to pilot.
"You're a pilot?"  
"All my life!"

4.  Star Wars Marathons

Yes, six movies...more if you include the seasons of Clone Wars episodes you have collected on DVD.  Man, you can have a marathon to end all movie marathons.  So what if you have seen them all before?  Gather your geeky friends, break out the stim-caf and some food pellets and enjoy parroting dialog and alien sound effects for hours.  Booya!

3.  The JEDI

Oh my gosh, do I even have to say how much I love the Jedi??  Philosophical warriors - what can I say?  Trained to kick some serious butt, yet wise, compassionate and self-controlled all at the same time.  And, let's talk about the duds - we are talkin' awesomeness!  Just put that outfit on, and you can feel the power surge.  (Shoot, I've even had perfect strangers come up to me while dressed as a Jedi and ask for help!)  Guardians of peace and justice in the universe - sign me up!  Oh, and did I mention that they are Force-users? Watch out, cuz those really WERE the droids they were looking for!  Oh, and you don't want to sell me any death sticks, either.

2.  Obi-Wan Kenobi

The quintessential Jedi, hands down.  Calm, cool and collected (except when he's exhibiting his dry wit and sarcasm, that is...) even in the most dire of circumstances.  Wise beyond his years and still havin' a good hair day - yeah, that's my hero!  A little strut, a little button-down...heavy on the Coruscanti accent, and will only fight or fly when absolutely required.  No unnecessary risks, but springing traps seems to be alright, as long as the bad guy is under the glow of his ice-blue saber.  Sounds good to me!  Stang, he's sweet!   Can I just be a little more like Obi-Wan, please?

1.  Star Wars Geeks!

Some of my most favorite people in the world are Star Wars geeks.  Heck, I even have friends who say that if a person doesn't like science fiction then there just may be something not quite right about them!

Stormtroopers, fellow Jedi, even Darth Maul is awesome to hang out with at a charity event or parade.  Fanboys and girls sporting Star Wars t-shirts are everywhere and all share a common love. Kind of like motorcyclists or Jeep owners - Star Wars geeks automatically accept each other and feel connected.  I know, weird...but oh-so-cool.

Sick of hangin' with your co-workers, all caught up in political entanglements? Hook up with some Star Wars geeks for some awesome antics and geeky conversation shot through with pithy jokes and movie quotes.  Man, you haven't lived until you walk through a crowd with a Tusken in full regalia or flanked by a couple of Imperial Officers.  But seriously, it's the Mando'ade that you truly have to look out for...they're fringe, ner vod. Trust me (after all, I am a Jedi).

YES, I love Star Wars.  Thank you, George Lucas, for giving us your vision and letting us all expand on it.  Thank you for all the friendships, the memories, the collections and the action figures.  Thank you for giving us things to talk about, to laugh about and to get down-right irked about.  Thank you for characters to love and characters to hate.  Thank you for expanding the universe, our worlds and our minds in ways we could never have imagined.

And I look forward to more, more, more!


Mama Cache said…
Oh, what a fun read! *smile*
Patty said…
AMEN!! and pass the popcorn!! Now I'm ready for a marathon!!! :-)
Ari C'rona said…
Oh, man, there's a reason why you're the master wordsmith and I'm not!

I love, love, love all your reasons and have to concur on every one - so call me a copy cat (whatever!).

"Go and be wise or something."

"Let's hear it for the puny human."


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