It's a great big world
to a scared little girl.
If you smile just right 
no one knows you might
have a heart full of pain
and a soul that can't reign
and a stomach full of butterflies...

The pain of the last season of my life has been intense.
Beyond measure, beyond understanding.
But, even so,
I still breathe.

I'm alive and not without hope.
As I begin a new day,
I put the pain in a clean, new box
and close the lid.
Destined to be a collector of dust,
I slide it up onto a high shelf.
Turn out the light and close the closet door...
it is time.
I turn my back and walk into the light.
The light of that new day
full of possibilities and hope.
Of love and promise...
and friendship.

And perhaps someday
you will say you didn't mean it.

Say you didn't mean to
Say I wouldn't understand
But it's time you say something
G-d knows it's the one thing I need
And the heart you broke,
No it wasn't just anybody's heart


Ari C'rona said…
May the G-d of all comfort continue to guide each step you take, my dear friend - I'm right here beside you wherever He leads. I love you.
Mama Cache said…
Sometimes I read and wonder if I should say anything at all. I wonder if it has all been said before, so many times that what once may have brought encouragement now seems stale.

I hope not.

My friend, alive and breathing, I am thankful for a new day. May it be new and different.

Love you.