Last Day in Spokaloo

The Spokane River

Riverside State Park

sunny, summertime flowers

This little old home certainly is sweet!

make a wish...

Today we were on a mission to find the cemetery marker of Lisa's grandparents - mission accomplished!  And, in the process found some really interesting things to photograph.


bridge across the river

love to see the kayak-ers

and got a big thumbs-up from the biker!
Sadly, we were about three decades too late in finding the old train locomotive that was driven by Lisa's grandfather.  It used to be on display at the beautiful Highbridge Park, but it was removed due to vandalism and theft. Too bad. I did, however, get to talk to three friendly gentlemen who were very knowledgeable about the park and the train - thanks, guys!

Then, it was southbound to Kamiah, Idaho to visit Lisa's mom.  And a lovely visit we had!  No pics, though...sorry.  We are now safely ensconced in a wonderful hotel room with all the amenities (highly recommend the Clearwater 12 Motel in Kamiah), including full signal internet.  I've never seen full signal - ALL the bars - on my little netbook before!  Will wonders never cease?

Miles traveled: 182
bad meals eaten:  2
coffee spilled while driving:  none today!
photos taken: 72
cemeteries visited:  1 of 2 planned
gas price:  $3.69/gallon
temperature in Orofino:  93 degrees...aaaahhhhh!
number of laughs with Mom:  tons!

Tomorrow we head for home.


Mama Cache said…
Love the pics, my friend -- this post and the last. I'd comment on them individually if I could. *smile*

Have a safe trip home!
Ari C'rona said…
Love the pics, my friend! I always like reading and looking at your travel posts!
Barb said…
I've always appreciated the understated beauty of Eastern Washington. Love your pics!